Is wallbouncing useless in Gears 5?

I swear EVERYONE is just standing back and hardaiming their shots. Movement seems pointless. Is it the run and slide speed or something or is this Gnasher just WAY too strong? This def doesn’t feel right


Useless is taking it too far but yeah, it has been severely nerfed.


Spam bouncing being nerfed does not make movement useless


Pretty much.

Not the best clip but I’d say wall bouncing is still a useful tactic.

I never thought “hyperbouncing” was really useful. I’ve only come across a very few who could actually. aim while doing it Most people it ends up like this


That gif is a perfect representation of how I feel about Gears 5 wall bouncing right now. Spot on.

I do think with the slower movement speed and the stronger rifles wall bouncing has been nerfed pretty hard. Although I have used it in certain situations with success.


Na I have no problem wallbouncing

No problem whatsoever in TT. Know when to wallbounce and when to strafe or for that matter ‘Lancers Up Gentlemen’ !

It’s called tactical awerness.

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Watch this video so u know it’s just u not the game

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I’ve felt the same. My usual tactics just don’t fly a lot of time in this game.

Maybe it’s just a timing issue. A lot of my play comes from straight muscle memory and habit and it’s going to take a bit to change that.

My wife, who is a silver player (maybe gold on good days) in 4, has scored higher than me multiple times in KOTH. Granted most of that is from caps, but she does pretty even with me in eliminations a lot of the time.

I’ve just not figured out how to be consistent in this game. 4 is what I started out on. I never played the other games with slower movement. Huge change.

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Very good representation of what happens on “Gears 4”, and what will happen. :laughing::joy:

90% my shotgun kills are blind fire and wall bounce

I got this rank using that method too


It does seem to be nerfed a little. Rightfully so in my opinion its a tactical shooter not the next call of duty.

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Wahhhh? I don’t know what you are talking about! I am the most constructive, viable, and articulate user on this forum. You should be grateful for my existence!

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Ok honestly though, I am frustrated with the movement. Wall Cancel is definitely slowed down a great deal, which makes for really different gameplay. 4’s movement felt loose, whereas 5 feels restricted and stiff


Just play like it was Gears 1. You commit to the slide and that’s the bottom line.

Wall-cancel needed to be restricted. What needs to go now is Stopping power.
I’ve noticed that if you are not 100% health and you roadie run away your character is slower. Once you are 100% health, roadie run speed is back to 100%. Maybe thats something that needs to be looked into?


Why? If you have a good aim, Wall Bouncing is essentially ineffective

Wall bouncing was always effective without the use of wall cancel.

Wall bouncing still works. It is a compliment to the old strafing tactic. This is what made Gears unique when it first came out. Wall -cancel should’ve remained what it was, canceling a wall bounce, not hyper-bounce by exploiting the hitbox location being sent to the server and then the clients thus creating unnecessary latency.

You can have good aim, wall bounce is all about when to trick your opponent to a wrong blindfire/hard aim. That meta was lost when wall-cancel was introduced. So it’s refreshing to be back to Gears 1 days.