Is vrol's head hitbox dodgy or is it just me? [OSOK]

I swear it’s the most annoying character to fight because shots either seem to pass through him or bodyshot every time.

Every character’s hit box is the same in Gears 5.

The Terminator has the same hitbox as Sraak.

Lizzie has the same hitbox as Vrol.

Everyone is the same.

Hmm maybe his figure throws me off. Kinda like how I sometimes shoot ukkon’s hat apparently. Either way the rolling is so ■■■■■■■ annoying in OSOK. Should be removed imo.

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Lol however when one needs to haul over a heavy weapon over a cover, one really struggles if they use a female skin :expressionless:

And it maybe just me but I feel that Lahni for instance has smaller hitbox than say Sid.

Lol I didn’t use the correct quote to reply to…
Meant to use “ everyone is the same”


Wow! did you just assume the skins gender? :smirk:

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Lol you know what I mean.

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Looks like Vrol is the new Savage Kantus :smirk:

I should have said In Gears 5 versus.

In PvE Lahni is actually shorter than everyone and Mac is actually way taller than everyone.

Have Lahni, Keegan and Mac stand in a line in Escape or Horde. You can see the difference in height between them is blatant.


Lol I know. I am just extremely bored lol.

I am right there with ya. It did come up in a stream that the confusion comes from the fact that some characters have a smaller build, like Lahni or the Terminator, and therefore create the illusion that there hit boxes are smaller but all hit boxes are the same.

This little piece of information came from Dana who litterally couldn’t answer or understand the chainsaw reload glitch problem and who eventually claimed it was a feature in the game so I would take that with a pinch of salt lol.

Having said that I am constantly questioning the hit boxes on some characters lol.


Palace Guard hitboxes go BRRRRRRR

It’s the same concept at bobble head modifier. It’s just the model size appearing to make things bigger than what they are. A perfect example is Palace Guard. This is such a large character that you can see him in cover but can’t hit him any differently because its all the same.

If you ever get hit while in cover its because that person had leverage over you.

A bunch of Swarm/Locust characters have obfuscated character models that confer small but noticeable advantages in OSOK.

But as others have said, the hitboxes themselves are all identical.

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I thought about this myself last night and pretty much came to this conclusion too. I guess with Vrol he also has a hunch back so you actually have to focus on where his head is instead of just “the bit at the top that sticks out” on most characters.

Edit: @SH00BiE_D00 This bothered me too because first time I saw it I thought “oh big head mode this makes marksman easy” and it did ■■■■ all but obfuscate where the head actually is lol

But if we remove rolling, how can we hit baps? right @Forza_Cali

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That’s literally what I aim for every single time

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Haven’t touched the game since I got on to check for BS Kait… but soon as I seen OSOK, of course I came back haha

But ya I go for it too, just had a game my entire team was in spawn, their entire team was in spawn… I was… in their spawn lol cleaned house tho, and bap is definitely my target when I’m not surrounded, it’s only shots I even attempt when it’s the last guy

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Tbh seeing Landan and playing a lot of OSOK is what made me a good sniper lol

Currently still on vacation but I might get on it tomorrow late or Friday lol

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Same… I still ain’t even in his league, but I definitely learned and improved by watching him… go for all the same cheeky shots… same with Bow too, I was SOOO excited when I hit the bow from bottom Markza/Overkill to top Markza/Overkill, by arching it Landan style on a game of Tbow tag on Old Town (4 obviously)

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What’s a bap?

Blindfire headshot while enemy is mid roll.

Coined from YouTuber/Twitch Streamer Landan.

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