Is veteran class any good?

I know this might sound stupid question, but can veteran kick ■■■ without using the ultimate ability throughout the game?

I really don’t like to use the ultimate ability for the class (turns into aimbot). Hence, why I asked if veteran is still good enough without the ultimate ability.

Also, would the last ditch card be any good?

I haven’t really dig deep into this class yet lol.

Last Ditch is pretty good, especially when paired with Dug In since you can stay under 80% easily and hit really hard.

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You can do a lot of damage with the longshot if you max out your headshot damage with the card that does that and the perk, even without the ultimate.

Combine it with dug in and you also become really hard to down.

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It should be ok so long as you’re good at hitting headshots, especially with a Retro. You can also play discount Marksman with a Longshot and have that work. But I find rifles generally are a slight bit underpowered in Gears 5 considering how inaccurate they become at longer ranges, at least in Horde once 2x HP poison kicks in.

So yes, can work without the ult but may not the best experience.


They’re okay, but generally speaking it’s unlikely you’ll be able to dish out damage anywhere near the same levels as say, a Marksman, Blademaster or Demolitions without using your ultimate. As others have said a Longshot can help improve damage which in turn allows you to use your ultimate more frequently.

The recoil and inaccuracy over longer distances limit what you can do. And with rifles they’re just not as strong compared to the big hitter one-shot weapons. You’re relying on sustained fire so end up having to duck in and out of cover to regenerate health, whereas a class specialising in a Boomshot or Longshot just needs to pop out once to land a hit, and they’re sorted.

Last Ditch (in addition to the likes of Headshot Mastery and Custom Lancer) gives you a very nice buff ao you can dish out more whilst under fire. The threshold is so low - if your health is under 80% then the buff kicks in so on master that can be as little as a single bullet depending on the enemy.

It’s probably my least favourite class to be honest. I’d rather have (or play as) a Combat Medic any day of the weak as I think they offer more. But then again my favourite two classes are Infiltrator and Blademaster, so having Team Revive available disproportionately benefits me so I’m bound to be a bit biased. And the aimbot ultimate feels quite cheap too (doubly so if the Marksman is sharing it for X-Ray. If I’m honest that combo is one-warning-and-if-you-do-it-again instant kick for me).

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Without the Ultimate, a couple cards become irrelevant in a default setup since they’re tied to the Ultimate. Veteran obviously benefits the most with his aim-bot ability especially paired with a Longshot but you can potentially still dish-out a lot of damage without it if you’re a solid aimer yourselves. It’ll take longer also though because the automatic-crit-reload will not be there either which does cause a substantial change.

I would personally still recommend sticking to a Longshot in general and maybe have a Lancer GL as backup in your second slot in case of beefy bosses.

With the Ultimate ditched, you could consider running a heavily based damage build if you really wanted to which certainly buffs your damage output by quite a bunch but also has it make it a trickier gameplay to try and stay hurt a bit but not too much.


  • Headshot Master
  • Flank 'Em
  • Custom Lancer
  • Last Ditch
  • Lancer Stock

You can swap Lancer Stock also with e.g. Extended Rifle Mag which allows you to pickup way more ammo than usual because of your extended Mag (doesn’t increase ammo capacity though) if you’re focused on ammo boxes. This works especially well if you have a Demo dropping a million ammo boxes around (untested but in theory it should).
Or if you really want to you can go with Dug In but keep in mind that this is counter-intuitive to Last Ditch.

Veteran can still perform especially well. Flanking an enemy kicks in way more often than you’d think. I noticed that on Architect during my Escape Solos where the Warden’s just for some reason sometimes took a massive amount of damage from a single Longshot eventhough they were facing me.

Just consider that your “second life” due to missing Stim generation will be missing which does a huge difference.


I find Dug In helps with Last Ditch since it is easier to not take too much damage.


Yea I was thinking about that after I wrote it, maybe it still doesn’t hurt to use it. On Master it’s especially a lot of damage you take and I believe taking 50% damage is enough to trigger the card?


In Horde, Dont use that card that gives ult cooldown from executions. Its such a waste of a card slot when just using a longshot will get you more cooldown in a much safer way.


But… but… *sigh *I like it



Just to update:

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who actually gave me guidances for this class without using the ultimate ability.

All my cards are maxed out so all I needed to know was which cards are worth it. Yet again, thank you to everyone here.

Today, I have finished 2 games as veteran on regular horde and this was both on allfathers arena.

On my first attempt it was all aggressive build: flank’em, custom lancer, headshot master, lancer stock and extended rifle mag. It was all good until wave 30, I kept on going down and honestly I thought I was bit useless at that point because it felt my weapons were doing “okish” damage sort of speak lol.

On my second attempt I did swap two cards - the lancer stock and extended rifle mag - for dug in and last ditch and it made lot of difference (kept the other three same cards). I hardly went down from snipers and in general I felt more tanky with the dug in card. Also, when I had low health that bloody last ditch card made huge difference in order for me to maximize my damage to enemies. Honestly, it was better than my first attempt no doubt.

Overall, I think it’s still not better than other damage dealers like the marksman, demo or even bm. Of course that’s without using my ultimate throughout the game. But, still it was fun to play.


Nothing wrong with liking it. Theres just better ways to do what that card does. Some people like Brutal Claw, too.

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Well Brutal Claw is literally the best card in the game of course.


Epic score boost?


Forgot about that one.

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I think it’s a class that finds more use in 1-50’s because there’s less boss type enemies (in the context of withholding ultimate use). Concerning rifles, they are easier to use if the shots are paced, active reload is used, and you apply weak spot damage. You can alternate between lancers to maintain actives.
You may want to turn on aim assist if possible if you’re using the rifles.

I know snipers are popular with the class, which is fine. But I figured if longshot will be used heavily, why not just go with marksman or another class?

Veterans are also a class that probably benefit more from the other fortifications as opposed to lockers because they generally are not as ammo dependent.

Decoys, shock sentries, barriers, bullet sentries etc. These become more important as the enemies get harder to kill. Lvl 3+ barriers will stop them from targeting players if they make contact, so it becomes safer to target them without return fire. Wardens even drop their clubs if they touch one.

Learn the firing pattern of enemies too. Unlike players, enemies can’t ‘cancel’ a reload, and are committed to it once started. They can’t even melee as they do this. Try to use high cover when possible as well. I find they often work much better than low cover, but of course any cover is usually better than no cover.

Both cards are equally useless. Lol

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What about macs friendly fire card?

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Gg’s the other day there mate. Couple of enjoyable matches it has to be said.

Out of curiousity, do you know if Anchor’s friendly fire card applies to the Brawler’s All The Glory explosions? Presumably it must right?