Is Vasgar Incon really that hard or am I just unlucky/bad?

Steam has separate issues ? How is that possible ?

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My chat wouldn’t work on steam but work on the Windows 10 version ( will test again soon to see if that is fixed)

But some people had this issue on different platforms

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I think it’s because keyboard and mouse don’t have aim assist on PC. Doesn’t the Marksman or Veteran (even when shared) ult use aim assist on xbox?

Basically vet + pc marksman combo is unusable. Pretty sure it’s been this way since launch.

I remember someone as Vet trying to share his ult with me as Marksman and it wasn’t really working but the guy was on Xbox and I’m on PC so it just looked like I somehow really sucked.


Good to hear we can troubleshoot the problem finally :slightly_smiling_face:

You copy cat!

:wink: :rofl:

Same build as I use on my Anchor!

This may be correct, It may be an input issue.

@iiAscendz which input do you use?


Sure, I think that goes without saying.

Any Veteran will be a beasty with double headshot damage as a mutator, But that Vet/Mark combination with that mutator will take it to another level.

Just my opinion.

Speaking of Veteran ultimate, anyone else on kb&m experiencing bullets going for body shots more often than headshots during it? It started happening for me since like OP7.

Well it happens sometimes, but often I wouldn’t say.

I’ve occasionally had issues with the auto aim deciding to straight up not work, most notably when running Pahanu on 50 waves and using two Veterans and me as Marksman to speed up that horrible map(as I basically never used it outside of that). Or just going for body shots for absolutely no reason even when the auto aim was working. I play on a One X with a controller so not a PC or input device issue in that case.

I remember that it seemed to have something to do with when or where I triggered my ult for whether I would get an auto aim bonus during it or not, but I forgot the specifics of what I did to make it work more reliably. Had something to do with triggering it either before or after entering cover with the Vet ult already up and running.

Disagree. I played Demo and it worked fine.

The only thing which didnt work was Boomshot didnt work on drones. Everything else was fine.

GL and Frags blew everything up, and so did artillery (as long as you were holding the GL, lol).

But yeah, the Marksman and Vet were killing so much there wasnt much for me to do, really.

I put on GL mastery and custom, and was enjoying zero recoil GL rifle play,


Ah…yes…you’re the one advocating the Ammo regen demo, so you’re Optional :wink:

Generally, Demolition just eats too many resources in building Lv 4 locker 6750 x 4 > Lv 10 Ammo regen.

The opposite side of the map from where you spawn is way better and more defensible than the side you spawn in at. The taps are better on that side and you block more of the map with the fabricator.

I think you are confusing “can” with “must”. I know, they look and sound similar but you really look closely you will see they are spelled slightly differently.

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Two Vets on Vasgar plus Anchor. The game was easy.
We had Tact who was useful during Boss waves but I think he used HB build / Disciplined because he was shredding things with the claw and HB in between boss waves.

I think you’re forgetting that the mutator specifically, is “resistant drones - drones only take damage from ballistic weapons”. While the Demolitions will have some limitations in dealing with Drone-enemies, they will still be useful in a normal way against non-Drones - so bosses; mini-bosses; heavy enemies; flushers; Bastions; Guardians.

Thing is, while you say that the Demolitions is optional - this is true, but only true insofar as all other classes are optional. We’re at a point now where the classes are much more balanced and all classes are optional. There isn’t really a single class which is compulsory.

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Yeah, hehe, this was one of the few times i perked up assault rifle damage as demo :grin:

With custom gl, gl masterty, assault rifle perk, and crit perk, demo with recoiless GL shooting heads on dbl headshot damage was insane, haha… And then just using boomshot or rockets on heaviea/bosses…

Thise are not difficult modifiers, but people dont pay attention and use inappropriate classes/weapons. For example, this is not a good setup for a gunner with mulcher/trishot, or demo/tact with boomshots…

Personally i find freezing bullets faaaaar more annoying

And yes, i did have a locker with some GLs :grin:


That’s why it’s meaningless to Argue when the answer is everything is optional.

And I didn’t say Demolition is optional, don’t try to interpret my message into your idea.

I said Demolition isn’t benefit, yep, you can still use it, nothing wrong with that.

Me confusing?

Don’t you have a Thread on blood drive telling people you don’t need lockers using demolition and still can able to shine your performance?

Hence, I say it’s optional for you only because you don’t need a locker, while general base player do need a Lv4 locker when they play demolition.

And building a lv 4 locker for demolition having power drain modifier is a very waste of your team resources.

It’s very clear to my message after explaining it in detailed

This was what you said. So what did you mean by “so you’re Optional”?

@Omen_LP responded to you by saying that he disagreed with your statement that with these mutators that the Demolitions wasn’t of benefit as he used the Demolitions without much issue. It may not be as effective as usual, but it was fine and he was able to contribute to the team effort.