Is Vasgar Incon really that hard or am I just unlucky/bad?

■■■■ this daily ain’t worth the 700 coins.

Any Multi Veteran / Anchor / Marksman?

Not sure if people love to play Demolition that sucks at power drain

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Yeah we had a few demos but even on matches with marksman we still manage to wipe. Enemy snipers and explosives really seem to ■■■■ us up.

Edit: And even if I request 10k deposit half the people don’t deposit.

Demolition isn’t benefit from this daily for sure.

True. We died one time because 4 of us were down. Two of us were down next to our demo who for 10 whole seconds just shot at enemies and then died.

I would put Vasgar up there with some of the most difficult maps to do on Master, I have friends who consider it the most difficult map, for me that would probably be Regency or Pahanu.

Both ends are doable, I’ve done the map from both ends but the end you spawn in, in my opinion is the easier side than the other. This is mainly due to the stairs providing more of an obstacle than the openness of the other side.

The principle of engineering it is exactly the same as it is for any other map. You split it into three sides, left, centre and right and you push them back with barriers on all sides to the centre of the map. This gives you the time to kill them before they’re on top of you.

I played it with a friend of mine last night on 1-50 Master. I engineered, she was a Nomad and three randoms a Veteran, Combat Medic and a Gunner.

Yes, shock horror, no Demo, Tactician or Marksman, how can we possibly succeed without those high DPS classes?

None of the randoms were max class level and their re-ups were somewhere between 20 and 30. They played really well and I was very impressed with how they played their classes and understood what they needed to do.

We completed the game.

So it is doable if you get a decent engineer and the randoms you get are reasonably good players. And you don’t necessarily need high DPS classes to do it either!


I find it a more difficult 50 than frenzy. Although most times I’ve finished it I’ve had a strong marksman. Harder than it used to be with aggressive enemies.

Get a veteran.
Veteran + Marksman + Doubleheadshot damage.

Vasgar might be hard but I do find the combination of modifiers pretty easy.

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How many randoms actually know how to work that combination to maximum effect?

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Well not many I guess.
But as long as the veteran is decent it should help.

But it’s not the Veteran that needs to be decent, it’s the Marksman! He’s the one that needs to do most of the killing with his Markza and ultimate running.

Working together with the Veteran not firing, that combination can wipe 90% of the map.

The concept of team work and the Veteran not firing is alien to most randoms though.

May I ask…how Marksman can use X-ray during Veteran’s Ultimate?

Koty told me yep, you need to use markza active reload shooting fast, but I tried many times and didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if my Gears 5 is Bugged out in steam version.

Nah not necessarily imo.
The veteran can do alot of damage as long as he uses a longshot(Or maybe a marksa) on Incon he can probably handle most waves alone.
Of course better if the Marksman can handle it, but the auto headshots alone help a ton.

I would think so but I was always the veteran lately lol.


I did a wave 50 only Master recently and someone said exactly the same thing that his Marksman Ultimate wasn’t working. I tried it as Marksman (I’m on an xbox one S) and it worked fine for me!


The Anchor served me very well for this daily challenge. The Barrier ultimate (with Barrier Boost) will protect you and your team for long periods; and the Boltok is pretty beastly. Upgrade the Ammo Regeneration perk to around level 6-7 and you’ll basically never run out of ammo. Hit those active reloads and just pound away at the enemy.

I would recommend this build:

Bloody Shot
Barrier Boost
Bullet Chain
Harness Energy
Barrier Duration

As a map, Vasgar isn’t the easiest. Even the most popular spot (the raised section to the right of the COG spawn) can be quite open as there are some breaks in the low wall where there’s a fence-like thing with gaps which bullets can pass through.


@GhostofDelta2 Would you kindly help me test out the Marksman (You use) +Veteran combo in steam version as I think it’s an issue seriously existed in many operations. I’m not sure if it’s a known issue that never fixed or No one reported on it.


I’ve been doing a few wave 50 only Masters recently and that Veteran/Marksman ultimate combo will wipe 90-95% of the map in 90 seconds.

And that’s without double headshot damage!

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Of course.
Just saying the Veteran alone can do pretty well too, especially with the double headshot damage.
You can also support like an Anchor or anyone else basically.

So that is why it doesnt work with half the people I have tried it with!

Didnt realise it was a steam issue but that makes complete sense given who it works with and who it doesn’t @AC_Wireless @iiAscendz @Ultra_Gnasty

Edit: Definitely still doesnt work on steam, but this explains why it worked for El Chumbo and Dad but my not PC mates.