Is US East server out of commission?

In social quick play, for the past 2 weeks or so, my ping has been 50-60ms. Before this it was 20ms or lower. I am on the east coast of USA. Someone had a low ping in a match and they told me they were from Texas.
I suspect I am not being connected to the US East server and that I used to connect to it.
Maybe this server is reserved for ranked or special event?

No, just no players in that region, at the time… if there were, you’d end up on that server.

Very rarely I play on those servers closest to me… I almost always end up on servers closer to Mexico…

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve played a match where my ping is its normal 20-25ms range. If I’m being routed to a far away server just to find opponents, then that says something very sad about the size of the player base in the North East USA. Another theory is that most people are playing Stay Frosty instead of social quickplay


I’m from the Midwest… Chicago to be exact… and I am in the same situation. For the past 2 months or so I’d say I’ve been primarily placed on the servers with all the Mexican players as well. Makes a person NOT want to play if the playing field is not a fair and level one.

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This is why I don’t play anymore. As a fellow Chicago resident I share your pain.

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I saw you playing last night :wink:

One time on a week and a half isn’t much and it was laggy as hell.