Is Unbelievable!

I win 20 games in a row in Team detahmatch (Statistics in my favor in all of them) and I raise the %.005 I lose ONLY ONE GAME and they lower me more than% 10. UNBELIEVABLE!!


The higher the rank, the more you lose.

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Once you’ve settled on a rank for a while, it’s hard to break out of that rank - you have to perform consistently at a higher level and make sure your losses also only come agaisnt those much higher.

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And they still wonder why many players and real fans are upset and leave the game. But I think they’re only interested in microtransactions. I hope this BUSINESS does not take it to gears 5… I still have a little hope.

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What is unbelievable is I somehow missed this thread. Please contain your issues to the relevant thread.


Please keep it all in one thread for TC to be able to look through.