Is today let's ruin horde day

On hardcore or above today why are all the low level players trying to jump in and be heros? Also tons of afk players what is the deal today ?

People want to complete that midnight omen set but refuse to go onto normal mode where they’re actually helping.

Had an insane lobby with a lvl 67 sniper (no re up) and he left immediately after wave 20.

Thing is , after wave 4 he started realizing his shots didnt even tickle so his game plan was pick up a lancer & chainsaw fight everything

Think he ended with nearly 30+ deaths.


I am just talking regular horde . I have all the skins but I agree with what you are saying.

Its really bad lag and sentry happy engineers day as well. I had to leaves 2 matches because it. I hate going in and being made redundant because I would get 1 kill and the sentries would wipe the wave clean before I could reload. Only had 1 low level scout on inconceiveable.

Edit: In a game now and engineer has 15 sentries all up front and is building more.

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Just leave it.

Oh I am long gone.

If you play well, come to mania insane.

I’m searching a game right now.

Blood drive, I was engineer. Insane Mania.

Only decoys and 100% overclock lockers.

No sweat, enemies seldom entered the base (exactly where the game begins).

Incredibly, I got the 2nd score. Sniper, wings 2, kept on ping. Soldier, wings 3, seemed kinda lost between schock granades and his lancer. Other two were a low lv. Soldier and the scout (who provided big money, no issues on that. He had the highest score).

On a boss wave, one of the wings fellas bought a sentry, outta dispair… I immediately destroyed that.

It’s unbeliavable how people get dependent on sentry based horde. They had the perfect oportunity to shoot and simply got confused.

We finished without fails.


I hope in the next iteration of Horde they put limits on the amount of sentries and turrets you can build based on the level. Like Casual would be wide open no limits, Normal would be like 20 sentries and 2 turret, Hardcore 15 Sentries 1 Turret, Insane 10 sentries 1 turret, Inconceivable 5 sentries 1 turret…

Or something like that… Just to make the engineer a support class like they should be… Give them a finite amount of resources to work with…

I like this round of horde with the fab and all but players really need to understand that its co op and not VS and that if you just build sentries then don’t ask or expect players to stay when pretty much the whole match has been hijacked. If I wanted a sentry fest then I would go to a speedrun. A little self control goes a long way. Had an LFG earlier and it was off to a fantastic start. Everyone was on point, nothing touched the barriers, decoys took some damage and out of no where the engineer just built sentries and placed them in range of the decoys. I ended up debating the fact that I was made redundant (playing heavy) over and over to deaf ears, apparently it makes me a bad player, but after 5 waves I said thanks for the invite but I am not staying to watch sentries kill everything. Its honestly come to a point where I just block sentry happy engineers and fair enough it might of been their first time doing it but it only takes one lol

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