Is this true about current levels and re-ups being reset

Is this true that our levels or reups being reset. If so sorry i wont waste another 2 plus years on this game.

TC hasn’t announced anything like this.

Its possible that whoever told you this has been confused with the Raam challenge requiring Re up 10 (which is retroactive) and mistakenly though that means progress is wiped.


Nah, not even TC could spin that into a positive for the seven people who still play this on the daily.


Im at re-up 14 took me from day one of game being released to reach this point almost wings 5.

Why would you think they’re going to reset the levels?

This rumor sounds as silly as when my friend told me TC was going to have players host online multiplayer like Gears 2.


Someone was trying to joke with you. Unfriend this person this very instant.
Re-setting re-ups is NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT


No it not fun or funny either. The last 18 months plus ive been putting in longer playing time up to 12-13 hours each day. Last 500 days been pounding the game hard. Just horde alone just nailed 455,670th kill.

Might’ve been Tony for all we know :laughing:

Oh wow…ok…

Nah, he doesn’t care enough about the game to do that :joy: But I am still in shock that he’s coming back to play it

One doesn’t have to be playing the game to joke around about re-ups getting reset lol :laughing:

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1 of the 7 :wink:

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you do know levels and get reset for Gears 5