Is this the most broken Gears of War to date?

Have you ever experience a more broken Gears game? I mean, these people had years and so much money thrown at this game for it to come out as a malnourished fetus.
Ghasher/Melee META is absolutely garbage, like the melee lunge and lock on is worse than in Modern Warfare 2 Commando Pro.
I played a game where I was literally a hit box dummy, no charater skin, just the chrome based body where the skins are applied on, i would not shoot, emote or pick up weapons, i was useless until i was killed, like how is this a full game?

I have never experience a hotter piece of garbage game than Gears 5 , and I do agree with you its almost ludacris that so many time and money was put onto it and they had the courage to release a game with so little heart.

I miss the times where developers truly gave a full immersive experience on the game, like Gears of war 3. or Sunser Riders.

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Gears 2 was worse.

As bad as this is, not even close to Gears 2 launch.

Six title updates, every update game plays differently, went through two ranking systems, chars ragdolled off smoke, a particular character got sent flying outside the map cuz of smokes. You took 40mins to find a match, about a minute or less to DC. Lag, lag, lag. Gnasher started off shooting pellets downwards into ppls shins. Glitching outside the map was still a thing and rampant.

On top of that, game was slower and drastically different from GoW1.

Def a worst launch and the game needed two full years of support to be playable.