Is this the final weapon tuning of gears5?

I need to know if tc plans on recalibrating the gnasher and lancer to make it feel like previous gears. Lancer is too strong which equal to more camping. Gnasher to strong which promotes hard aiming and not wall bouncing also too many delays. Is this new path of gears?


Game has only been out 2 weeks. Give it time. With 4 we had prob 15 revisions.


Ok but y not copy 4 then? Why make everything op?

Game is 7 days on market with 3 - 4 years of active lifetime before GoW6.

Except few title updates.

Chill dude.

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You all complained about 4 too. So which is it? Lol you didn’t like 4 but now don’t like 5 and want 4 back?

I personally liked 4 and the way it played personally haven’t played much MP in 5 yet but I trust the process. The game will get better.

What kills me is people act like GOW1 is the golden standard. It also had its issues at launch.


4 is better than 5 because launch maps where better and lancer wasn’t op. Wall bouncing was working and hard aiming t800 boys where getting destroyed. Sure the gnasher delays took a bit to get used to but 5 is joke… noobproof all u do is camp and get MVP


So you want a shotgun fest? Got it.

Maybe you could adapt to the gameplay to suit you better. I’m a lancer player and don’t complain that my gnasher game sucks because it does compares to some of the elites in gears.

I think it’s great the game is a little more realistic now that it doesn’t take you 20 shots with an assault rifle to down an enemy. It should’ve always been 10-12 range maybe even a little less.

And again. Give it time. The tuning will come and things will become better. I do think 5 is a step in the right direction. I like the shot registry part of the game that it’ll show you just how many pellets you hit someone with.

Don’t just say it sucks because you can’t hyper bounce like in an ice skating rink.

Camping and having tactical awareness of your surroundings to know when to use Gnasher/Snub combo and when to Lancer isn’t the same.

Main weapons are strong but they should be because they are signature weapons.

What needs to be tuned is area of effect for Boomshot which right know is non existent. You literally need to aim directly to kill somebody. That was completely opposite from GoW1 when aiming 5-10 feet away would guarantee kill.

Also Torque Bow area of effect. Needs much higher boom.

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You can still hyper bounce but so far I don’t use it as much as I did in GoW4.

What I do like in GoW5 is that I employ strafe much more with 90/180 degree back turn with wall cancel.

It is the same as 4.

It’s the ridiculous aim assist that’s making everything overpowered.

The aim assist is what needs to be removed, or toned down a lot. It’s absurd right now.


Yup bring back Ravendown lol but seriously if ur a lancer guy… once the new cod comes out u are gone from gears. The gnasher in gears3 was a thing a beauty and the reason y i fell in love with gears. Max 30 setting sensitivity and lets go! But TC obviously is going an another direction

Just to add, gnasher play doesn’t remove the need for tactics from play, it only adds layers to the close range game.
The more they simplify it, the more layers they remove/nerf, the more generic it becomes.

The movement and what not is completely what makes Gears unique gameplay wise , it’d be just another cover based shooter otherwise.

I dunno gnasher feels more clumsy because a lot of times shot don’t register or blindfire and wall cancell doesn’t work and also if u roll by accident forget it ur done


Because they are trying to improve things, and stop every round from devolving into a Gnasher-fest.

And like every game, they will tweak and re-tweak the feel of the game in response to feedback and metrics they collect. But they are unlikely to do anything until everyone has had at least a few weeks to adjust and adapt, and the meta emerges. People tend to hate any change, until they get used to it, so it’s not a useful time to do feedback collection.

Naw man. I like gears. COD can suck it honestly lol.

I do like me some division 2 but haven’t even played since G5 launched.

I just understand actually military tactics. Real combat isn’t running up to people to try and blast them with a shotgun.

The Colonial Marines beg to differ


As I recall, they basically all died.

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Not the one with the shotgun…well not until the next movie anyways lol


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Strange that people are mentioning ridiculous aim assist in 4. I’d say just go back and play a match and use a sniper/embar then you’ll see the issue people are having with with 5.