Is this supposed to be some sort of joke?

The point-system for skins is already a bad idea. And considering the ridiculous dripfeed on CS so far this is another slap into the face:

At the end of the Split, the top scoring users on the Pro League Phase 1 and 2 leaderboards will receive something brand new to the Pro League Watch & Win program…a Chrome Steel Grenadier character skin!

@TC_Sera @TC_Kilo1062 Would you kindly clarify if this skin will be Leaderboard exclusive or available for purchase for people who don’t wanna watch your streams (anymore)?

@III_EnVii_III If you want some rage-fuel.


Gonna mute, 160p, minimized in the background and watch a film or play gears over it.


you’ve only watched 6hrs of pro league? lol casual.


You still have to claim the points though.

Ah, yes, looks like we need to “check-in.” I was confused because it seemed like the wording was that we would gain points per hour watched. So you could continue to do what you did before, no? Wait for the notification from Gears Utility (if it’s still working), or watch the forums, then log in quickly and click the box?

edit; oh nvm, i get it now. They’re doing points for checking in AND also hours watched.

I might be wrong, but from the looks of it you would have to watch at least 60 hours if you already got the Boom/Dropshot and 65 if you didn’t. Assuming the system is even working as it’s supposed to. And it only tracks time during matches, not inbetween during the blabla-sections.

That’s not my main-concern though. I’m more concerned that they start hiding CS behind streams now.


It’s going to be a big fat joke and one that I hope gets TC tons of slack if they only put some or all future CS through that system. I don’t have the time nor ability to ruin my sleep just for these skins because hardly anybody would watch these streams without carrots dangling in their face.


Dont forget that chrome steel skins are supporting of the esports program. So receiving them or just one by watching the streams sounds reasonable considering they are for esports and part of that section in the store.

So paying money isn’t supporting it?


But will this skin be part of the store? You never know with this company.

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It is but i think if they wanted to give us a skin for free simply by watching the streams ill take it rather than paying out my pocket for it :joy:

If you’re a US based player, sure, but I’m not going to mess my sleep up completely for this crap just because I’m EU based.


You would rather waste up to 60 hours instead of spending 10 bucks?


I’m not seeing the leaderboard panel.


TC are desperate for views on eSports.

I don’t understand.

No skins, and views were very low.

Even with skins, numbers are very low.

I’m glad this skin isn’t anything special,

Or I would be let down if it was so restrictive.

Even if it was the best skin in the game, I wouldn’t watch or bother, sitting for hours & hours or having the stream on at silly times / hours for this just isn’t fun at all, nor entertaining.

Each to their own, just my views on it,

Watching Gears eSports is literally beyond boring,

I just hope TC understand the difference between mainstream / majority of players who don’t really care for it & the very, very small minority who do.


The only thing more dull than playing gears versus is watching someone else play gears versus.


Pfft, and it’s a swarm skin too, I’m not going to waste my time watching something I don’t give a floop about for a skin that I can’t even use in PvE.


I play Gears and have the esports on my 2nd laptop or phone and click when prompt. Keep an eye on it. Ez.

Only have to have to stream open on your phone dont have to watch it

@Looopeeeeeee same

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If they were going to do this it should’ve been a raffle like before with the option of being able to purchase it in the store. People who don’t want to spend money will watch the streams and people who don’t want to watch the streams will buy. Is there really anything wrong with that?

Still too early to say. Hopefully its in the store…