Is this normal? - Friend requests and messages

Is this normal for people to just randomly add you as a friend and/or send messages?

In the past couple of weeks I got tons of people adding me as a friend. People I never played with…
What’s happening?

Last night someone who added me as a friend a few days earlier sent me a messages saying “ I added you as my friend. Can you at least say hi to me”

I’ve never seen or played with this person.

Adding - also what’s with people adding you to a party convo with multiple people??


Had it happen a few times. A few of them don’t even play the same games as me or even play any games.

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Probably from your youtube/recognizing you from forums most likely.


People are strange.

I’ve gotten it more recently as well, I usually dont pay it any mind

I’ve gotten it more recently. It’s odd but I dont mind it.

I’ve been in one before, we sent memes to each other but it was a pretty terrible experience :pensive:

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While im really flattered by the fact that some players recognize me, if they don’t communicate/ chat/ comment with me I have no idea who they are.
Just feels weird when they add me out of the blue, you know.


Nuff said lol

What’s the point of adding if you don’t play together…

I try to see other peoples perspectives, but I guess I’d go insane trying to figure out why they did/do what they do lol.

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Yeah. Does seem kinda strange to just friend someone without a message or anything.

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I’ve had a few of those recently too, people that I never played with. Closer inspection revealed they had Gears 5 in their achievement list, but that’s about as far as I went. No idea why they’d randomly add me out of nowhere.

There’a also random group chat invites from generic profiles every now and then but they usually lead to dark places. so I just delete those now.

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@TC_Clown likes to have minimum of 10 players in a party for some reason

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I once got a message asking if I would like to meet sexy singles in my area. I ignored it. But one lonely night I decided to go out for a walk and look for these sexy singles. So I walked around my area… 10, 20, and then 30 minutes passed. No luck at all.

But then it occurred to me…

I was the sexy single! :open_mouth:


:laughing: image

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My milkshake brings all the gals to my yard.


It happens a fair amount to me, I have 540 followers but of those I would think 50 are friends or at least “online friends” I do post a lot of clips though with over 95% being Gears ones, I think that is why I get the followers.

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Usually these are from 0gs accounts advising u to go checkout some onlyfans site🤷‍♂️

I mostly block random people who send me FR.

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Yeah it happens. Who knows what’s on those people mind, trying to befriend someone they never talked, texted or even played with.

I also find funny when I start playing gears and on the map vote screen people add you for no reason.

Kids these days! They have no boundaries. On the one hand they worship people that they run across on YouTube, and on the other hand, they have no qualms messaging and sending friend requests like they’ve been friends with that person forever.

I haven’t had to talk my kid down from sending you money though, so likely none of those requests were from my neck of the woods, hah!

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let me explain also there mostly just “Followers” cause they won’t appear in your friend list but you only in there’s till you “add” them back it weird xbox thing

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I think the most annoying ones are the ones who add you as soon as they join the lobby (or you join the lobby). They haven’t even played with you yet at this point, but they’re adding you pre-game. So needy…

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