Is this how the ranking system should work?

So I just played a game in the first round I went 9-0 with 8 legit kills and I was penalized -200 points. The first round was a stalemate and i finished on top for that round.

How can people say this ranking system is fixed. Still losing points when playing really well, losing points when carrying teams that are trash, losing points when people quit.

Where are the fixes in the ranking system because to me nothing has changed. It’s still a broken mess like before. Where are the individual performance changes?

In my opinion, each match should be based on individual performances only.

The ranking should work like this:

  • Each round based on individual performances only K + A ÷ D
    Each equation has its own points algorithm which involves PPM, APM & DPM
  • If you lose the round no penalties
  • If you win games consecutively points multiplier is added to your rounds i.e x1 x2 x3 x4 etc
  • If you lose games consecutively points multiplier decreases i.e x4 x3 x2 x1
  • if a player quits round is voided or everyone gets +100 for that round. If you win despite having fewer players then your round points should have multiplier bonuses like x5 x 10 etc based on your individual performance. Not team
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Theres something still wrong with the system. I just played a KoTH match. MVP with 27 caps, 24 breaks, 106 eliminations, and 30 downs

Round 1 - 21 points

Round 2 - NEGATIVE 28 points

Round 3 - 435 points

How does that even make sense??


I tried to make sence of a broken vase, I realised I was wasting my time, as are all you lol

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Man it makes no sence what’s so ever. Those are beast stats for Koth.