Is this how the breaker mace is suppose to be?

is this how the mace is suppose to be? i understand that lancering it down is the safer bet but in all three of these instances i really thought my shot was hit 100% before they even reacted. in the first clip i even faked the guy because i thought maybe i can kill him right after he swings. what do you guys think?

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Mace is BS… You can be almost behind the person sometimes and get hit.


The mace user gets 25-50% extra health and requires two shots to take out.

Its a very, very stupid design and needs to be removed asap. Tbh the mace has no place in ranked, or really gears at all.


The mace is only on three maps but for FFs its just another way this game is being dumbed down for the casuals. Downs you from 30 ft away, can kill users that are behind the wielder, ridiculous lunge, 25 - 35% health boost, etc.

Like, why. Why is this trash weapon in Gears MP? Even when I was playing Arcade to get the medal, I was averaging 25 - 35 kills each game using the Warden. Once you got the first mace it was over. You can just chain it to get your second mace, then third mace, etc.

That’s my opinion. It has no place in Ranked or even Arcade.



The range on the breaker is rediculous. Smash the ice on ice bound with it to see it’s full level of stupid

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Mace get 2-3 kills per spawn usually before the wielder is dead. You essentially robbed him of all the item’s health when you pointblank him like that. Next time he encounters an enemy, the weapon will bust in his hand.

It’s infinitely easier to go on much longer tears with Overkill, GL, and other weapons.

Also, if you melee someone after you pointblank them, it’ll down them.

The weapon is fine. It’s an easy, free kill or 2 but that’s all power weapons. If you’re not confident in your ability to down the mace user, maybe you shouldn’t be actively choosing to push them and engage when you could just turn the other way and hit with Lance.


Yeah no I can easily adapt I just wasn’t certain if the mechanic was suppose to be like that. I’ll keep in mind that I can melee to down as well. It’s just my lack of experience with a new weapon. I usually assume my pointblank kills them so usually don’t even have a next step

Notice how every clip you hit 77%, it’s the same for me to, you point blank them but have a 0% chance to body them unless by shear miracle. I always get 77%, it’s clearly not working as intended.

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Probably why its in there then…not much thats in this game should be there🙄

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Mace boosts your health and it’s literally impossible to body with a gnash. You need to follow up with a melee… It is working as intended. Whether you like the way it works is another discussion lol

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If that is working as intended then they need to seriously look into nerfing it, after they hit their first smash they can melee just as fast as we can. it’s broken.


You can be literally behind the person and get hit.


So when you pick up the mace, how many kills are you typically getting before it’s destroyed or you’re dead?.. Are you not getting more kills with the Overkill?

I’d argue something isn’t OP if you’re averaging 2 or possibly 3 eliminations before it’s gone. It’s a couple of easy kills… that’s all power weapons. I’d even say it’s one of the less great power weapons. Everything else allows for longer tears.

Someone who knows what they’re doing with the mace can easily average 4+ kills by just picking it up once, the overkill and mace might be labeled under power weapons, but they’re two different weapons so you can’t really compare them both, you can only compare by the amount of kills they get per pickup.

It’s hard to kill someone with an overkill from a near 10 yard range, they have to be right by you and thats what makes the overkill powerful, to compare it to the breaker mace is another category.

The mace can not only kill you from a nearly 10 yard range, but it can also swing fast if you can’t use the main ability (say you’re being pushed and they’re an inch next to you). You can hit people behind you, and it’s pretty clear you also sponge shots when you have a mace in your hand, Overkill can’t do that. The mace is easily overpowered and I think it’s something they should look into nerfing.


Disagree. I’ve gotta’ believe tears are longer with Overkill. Mace is typically, in my experience, a few easy free kills before it’s gone. Don’t personally see the issue.