Is this gib range to you?

He came off cover. Coming off cover seems to extend the chunk range.

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Bro you argued about people who get the kill being the only one who recieve points. When in fact, ppl who assist in that kill earn points as well. You refused to believe that was the case. Therefore your opinion is invalid


lol, It’s the opposite, PCs Gnasher doesn’t work as it should, specially when you aim with the Gnasher.

That sounds dumb, yes! Last time I remember one of the devs said that they removed PC magnetism because of their precision and kept it for controllers, could somebody refer the link or the post to it please…

I did not know this. Thanks!

Yes, this is gib range.

Itake also worth noting in 2v2 that hard aim is almost as powerful across the map as a boom shot.


The gib range in general needs to be cut in half. It’s ridiculously far even without the bs considered.


AUTOBOTS rollback

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What are you even talking about? Are you one of Liv’s boyfriend’s? :joy: My guy… I’m not into that, hop off

In addition, I’ve never, in any thread “argued” about the person getting the END kill being the only person who gets points. However, if you have a quote from me saying such please feel free to share it.

When you realize that you unable to “find” one, what I would suggest you do, if you’re illiterate, ask someone who actually knows how to read to assist you. Grown folks are talking here, sit in a corner & be quiet if you have nothing constructive to contribute. KThxBye

Sir. Console has thee exaxt same problem. Especially left triggering it.
When you have a shot lined up. And then you go to pop shot. Its not where you had it lined up.
So bascially there is no POP SHOT ANYMORE

its left trigger. Re aim then shoot

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I think the magnetism was lowered on console also.

Good to know, a friend told me the same!

The gnasher has multiple gib ranges lol because when you leave cover its extended, when you lt its extended, and the blind fire its at its shortest.

Disgusting! Yep getting gibbed from long range is something really frustrating about the game. This video is perfect proof for TC to look at (perhaps)


:open_hands: just made a post about this lol