Is this gib range to you?

Seriously confused about the gib range…


I can tell you EXACTLY what that is

That right there is EXACTLY why I’m not playing vs in g5



this is so freaking ridiculous!

when it isn’t this, then it is any little tiny bit of accidental damage (maybe a dust particle falling on you) barely making you have any redness on your screen BUT you are one shot.


I’ve read something months ago on Twitter about increase gib range when coming off of cover. I believe it was directed at Octus. Never heard anything else about it. What happened to you happens multiple times a day to me all the time. Sometimes I also get the benefit of that ridiculous Gib range when I pull off cover. Maybe once or twice every couple matches someone will have that boomshot Gnasher working for them for a little bit. Just frustrating as hell.


I’ve gibbed people even farther than that. It’s unbelievable that the gib range is still like this. I can’t take anyone seriously that thinks this is ok. That combined with UP A and everyone’s connection showing varying distances on everyone’s screen just makes the game awful. Holding shots till you’re up close, “bot walking.”

REDUCE the gib range now plz. It’s not even up for debate at this point.


It’s been like this since the game launched for me and I can’t understand why. It’s either you gib at long range or completely miss point blank. It’s the complete opposite of Gears 4, where everything was 80 something percent.


Don’t worry man we all been there getting gibbed from what feels like another planet. 8 shots makes me hopeful they will fix it doe as that means u can play for shots more because it literally is ruining the game.


LMAO! What’s even funnier is, your opponent probably thinks he’s an AMAZING gears player at this point :joy:

This is legitimately the same type of trash I see all the time in ranked games, yet people on the forums & sometimes even in game will INSIST this is skill & will talk about how the gib range needs to be ‘increased’ :joy:


I’ve ran into this a lot. The Gnasher is very inconsistent for me. Either I gib them or I’m getting the dreaded 86. Or even worse, in the death report it says I only landed one shot when their body is still glowing from.the second load of pellets I shot.


Ive seen this happening way more often to me on 2v2 than in any other game mode… yes is BS,


Yeah devs confirmed the yellow bullet marks on peeps are client side and don’t accurately show that you’ve hit someone. Look for blood/hit markers if you wanna verify if you’ve hit or not. (stupid that it works that way I know lol)

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Introduced the Unstoppable, Unbeatable, Invincible Incredible Gears 5 ‘Up A’

At situations like that I stop playing and either jump on 4 or turn my Xbox off for a week.


Let’s take a look at the gib range chart again :roll_eyes:
The devs promise that everything is fine and dandy. Just consult the gib range chart! :chart_with_upwards_trend::joy:


This triggers me :grimacing:


Proof they extended the Arcade GIB range even further! My 5 year old brother loves this easy game now. All we need are force fields and jet packs!

TC should hang theirs heads in shame for this one! The Gears GOD’S are roaring with Anger!!!

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I’d like to see it from the enemies perspective since you are seeing a delayed representation of him. I’d bet he is closer to you on his screen. Regardless, it looks long for sure. That is one area I wish they could tighten up, a more accurate visual perspective for both players.

I’d also have liked to have seen the kill cam but it was one of those times it didn’t give me one…

There is no host room lag or different angle. That’s real, and real time, and real range now. I noticed it too. But I can’t record or I would show clips for days! Don’t be in denial!


Ummm. F ck no.

Your opponent had GHOST HOST.

Oh and was the guy on pc.
For what ever reason. It looks like pc players gnashers seem more powerful.
I know it sound dumb but I have a friend on pc and he hits these insane gib shots from so far away all the time. Shot that DO NOT EXSIST FOR CONSOLE PLAYERS


Oh yes I’ve shot someone, they’ve moved away from me and still gives me in one shot. Do not know how!