Is this game dying online?

Hi all, just want to know your views and opinions on this! Every time I try to play competitive or core modes I can’t get a game, only on social play! I know I’m pretty late to the party as haven’t had the game that long, maybe a month. And like most people have a family and full time job to work around to play on Xbox. As I’ve said, what’s going on? Has the game online now dropped away, a shame if it has and will be more difficult for me to obtain some of the achievements.

What region are you in? It’s alive and well in NA.

In the UK mate, can’t remember what region that comes up as. Can you swap servers or anything on the game, but obviously might effect my gameplay from average to even worse!:smile:

No manual changing of servers. The game might put you on a different server. Suggest you use friends/LFG to search as a full squad. Makes things easier.

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Sorry what’s LFG? Sorry I’m old and have to ask about abbreviations in work as well! :wink:
Think I’ll have to try and team up with some of my friends list, thanks for the advice. :wink:

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For EU it’s only easy to find TDM & KOTH. Escalation is possible during PT.

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Looking For Group.

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Don’t know if it’s my Internet, with Virgin and crap at times. I’ve tried all sorts of times but only managed to get into team death match a few times. I do like King of the hill but haven’t managed to play it on core modes yet only on social quick play.

It’s pretty dead in EU, forget any other game type apart from TDM and KOTH. I spent 47 mins trying to get into a Dodgeball match. That was at 6.30pm

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That’s a shame, looks like I’ve left it too late to buy it, only got a Xbox one this year though and I’ve had 360 for years and always bought Gears games straight away. Just been too busy with work and life to catch up to all my friends with Xbox one! :frowning: Thanks for the replies everyone anyway, I appreciate it! :smile:

I’d say it’s alive but depending on your area and what time you play. When compared to a few other games, it’s not as lively. I recently played Warframe and within seconds I was paired with others and it happened consistently. So I wouldn’t say Gears is dead but not thriving

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If you can make a friend in the US, you can probably get matches by being in their squad. You may find one though LFG, though I’ve never used it myself.

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I’d say you are too late for Versus Multiplayer Gears, some 6-7 years late bud…


Hi mate. I’m uk and get Core KOTH every evening with little bother. From around 18:00-when I sign off.

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I live in UK and the only ranked matches I can find are KOTH and TDM. The population is too low on the rest.


I played 1,2,3 online and even Judgement, just didn’t get 4 when it came out because I didn’t have Xbox one. :+1::wink:

Population definitely isn’t at a high. Server quality and a split community don’t help, either.

Servers in EU are excellent.

Lag Comp and players with high ping are the issue.

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I started to play Halo and For Honor and my life just got better. I advise the same for all of you