Is this forum only for ranked?

So I posted a thread regarding the ranking system and a moderater came on saying that in the ranking system, it’s been clearly explained by game and that it simply makes perfect sense and then closed my post?! Lol. IF ONE GOOGLES this game and the corresponding ranking system there’s THOUSANDS of links, if not more, explaining the utter failure that it is!

So my question is how in gods name can this be a question that gets my thread locked??? Is someone being paid to try in some infenticimal way to stay off the embarrassment of this game and the ranking system?!

What a joke! And more so, this whole forum is a joke if that’s what’s being done!

there’s a whole thread about ranking system discussion found here:

Here’s an article of how the ranking system works:

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I understand there’s a link from TC. that doesn’t explain the endless debate, found in this forum and others.

It’s broken, it useless and as such, meaningless.

Unless you can or anyone here, explain why people are so frustrated with this game. TC needs to make this accurate. Can you imagine this kind of “ranking” done in professional sport? Wouldn’t last a day.

It also doesn’t explain the absolute unfairness or stacking, sponging, etc. Are you happy with that? Are you saying that the ranking system, with all its complexities and intricacies deals with that?

C’mon! Really!? Send me a link to a TC bs ranking explaination for all of that?

This needs to be addressed - the BS. Not the algorithm that means nothing if people are essentially “robbing” points from random teams.

As mentioned, put the “stacked” gow ranking hacks in their own rooms and let them see how good they really are. Otherwise, putting stacked teams together with ransoms is ■■■■ and it will never be even match and thus, rankings a total sham.

There’s a lot of points you made , too much for me to adress but @III_EnVii_III may be able to help you out.

You answered your own question…

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I think a lot of stress would be reduced if we could see the true skill ranking

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Rank is the #1 complaint and there’s multiple threads created about it every day, hence the response and the “master thread” (bin) for ranked complaints.

Honestly, I wouldn’t play this thing if I was concerned about my rank. It rewards certain play styles and if you don’t play that way, you’re going to get frustrated.


The simple answer for you is because everyone that “complains” wants to be Diamond. - it’s nearly always someone a little hurt in the feelings that they are not there yet.

They normally say the same thing, I’ve won X amount in a row and not gone up and the lost 1 match and gone down.

I imagine you will most definitely be of the same effect.

Just like any game that has a ranking system - you do a little bit of research to to understand the system as well as the ranks, how they are given out and if possible how many are given out (whether numbers or percentage of people).


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Then don’t talk about it…

Your original post was closed as your questions were answered and we already have a main ranking thread. Please post in there instead of making new new threads.