Is this form of cheating allowed by TC? How can i report it if not?

So as soon as this 2v2 match started, i notice the peoples fooling around, going 1 by 1 etc. I asked that everybody just normally play the game, after a few rounds they did, but once it got to near the end, my teamate simply stop playing, and i don’t mean idle because reasons, i mean moving in spawn but refusing to fight, they killed me every rounds by double teaming me then they would just fool around and let time expire to do it again. Some rounds i managed to kill one as i am a decent player, but i couldn’t get the 2 of them. Eventually they killed my unfighting teamate to finally end the match but after many rounds of time waste and double teaming me.

I saved clips of it…

Anything can be done?

I love 2v2 but it seem to have a lot of toxic players in it…


Although it sounds more like “unsportsmanship” rather than actual cheating, so I doubt anything will happen.

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Its definately not tempering or anything like that but i know for instance Halo 3 back then didn’t allowed boosting of levels in competitive, if a moderator catched you doing it you could be suspended from the online.

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I have seen the same boosting a few times in TDM.
One player from a stack switches teams just before the match starts and spends the whole game trying to shock teammates and get the power weapons so they can camp with them.
It’s pretty obvious when they don’t fight, the other players from their stack don’t attack them and then the stupid booster joins in the curb stomp kills with the opposition…lol

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Lol this reminds me of the game I played not to long ago and as soon as the Match loaded and all gamertags were visible, my teammate started exchanging a lot with the other team (it was in a foreign language so I didnt understand it) but I ended getting downed every round cause teammate would just sit in spawn, then all 3 would dance around me doing emotes the whole game. It was a rough one, have the video lmk if you wanna see I can send it to you over xbox, idk how to get videos on here

There we go:)

How is this possible in a rank match? You can’t switch team?

As for your video Ar above…

Hope i don’t get flack for saying this but they were talking in spanish and the guys from my vids are also talking in spanish. It seem to be more common among mexicans… like they hate us for speaking english or something. They could just learn it. My first language is not english, i learn it to be able to speak to everyone in the world.

They seem very entitled often, thinking we should all speak spanish. I tried to told them does a Russian will learn Japanese so he can talk to a Japanese? No. They both talk in english…

I dont care what language they speak and still dont know what they said lol, just intolerable behavior for a competitive game. Dont really get to political about it. Many just as ignorant american players, with less skill to show for it😂

And I Is russian:) and do not intend on learning Japanese :joy::joy:

That’s why I don’t join private matches…lol
Made that mistake once.

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You can report via Xbox which will just make it so their reputation will eventually be changed to avoid me. I thought this made it so it was harder for them to find matches but I have played with/against Avoid me Players.

Players who holds a match hostage are terrible thankfully I have only run into this a handful of times. Recently it was the Versus event CTF or Control. He would just not capture the flag and on some maps just spawn killed us (I think it was Tomb) fortunately his teammate got the flag and capped it. When it finally flipped to Control I made him rage quit so that was nice.

They said ‘were going to dance to him’ or words to that effect. Bailar is the Spanish verb to dance. That G word is on a profanity filter interestingly!

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Unfortunately it’s not cheating it’s just being pretentious idiots. So much of that of rubbish in PVP.

That was ranked (competitive) lol

Thanks :joy::joy:

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This may be 100% obvious just by watching the video but in Spanish “bailarle a alguien” is the equivalent of “teabagging someone”. You know, what happens in Ranked matches etc.

And the word with G is the way we call people from the United States (for Latam, America is all the continent so it doesn’t make much sense to call only people from the US “Americans”). It’s literally defined in dictionaries and Wikipedia as so, interesting that it got filtered here as profanity.

Bah in a quick match you can always leave, no penalty or anything and you do get your kills, its drop in drop out. I wouldn’t had bother to stay in that situation but if its a rank match, can’t quit otherwise the penalty may take a while to lift (having to do a certain ammount of points in Quick mean you litteraly have to play control or koth, most guardian games or tdm end too fast)


Depends on your definition of cheating, for me cheating is using anything that is not the intended way to play to win a game. For instance if you play poker as a team and your teamate gives your cards to the other team, that is cheating. Same if a hockey player score in his own net to let the other team win. What you consider cheating is what i call tempering…

Right click Teammate in result window, chose unsporting behaviour.
Don’t expect much though.

If it wasn’t competitive just leave.

So it was just some low lifes being low lifes.
Sadly there is too much of that in PVP in any game :confused:


Well that’s useful to know, but it’s colloquial slang. Bailar is the Spanish verb to dance.

I’m aware of what the G word means.

It does depend on the definition yes. It can be defined in many different ways. Eg. I think anyone who has a technological advantage over me, ie m&k, PC, Series X is cheating. It’s not a level playing field because they have advantages I don’t have. I’ve seen people in Ranked game hit head shots consistently and repeatedly, how are they doing it? I’ve lost games 10-0, 10-0, 10-0, 10-0!

Yes, a lot of these players are simply better than I am. But a lot of them are using technological advantages I don’t have.

Xbox thinks this is okay, they think it’s equitable and fair because their player base is so low. I can’t change that, so I have two choices 1/ stop playing, 2/ accept it and keep playing.

So that’s my advice to you. Accept it, chalk it down to a bad experience and move on.

You can’t change it.

I just had hope TC could do something, but after multiple days without replies (by the mods or whatever) it seem they don’t care, so i guess ill just delete the clips and do as you say. But hey this game is full of inconsistencies in term of enforcement so no surprise.

I mean don’t you dare say the “F word” in a text message, you will get suspended right away, but you can put a bloodspray litteraly saying “F*** You” and no problem… same for a form of execution. Either i don’t understand the american ways of profanity or there is clearly an issue…

I mean, there’s nobody at TC left that will communicate