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Is this a joke TC?

What’s whith the Iron system seriusly.
Are you gonna try to sell a useless “Thanks” expretion
In 9 bucks?!?!
Despite the fact that it is ONLY for one character,
I don’t care about ridiculus blood marks that i never gonna see in the middle of warfare, or the poop emoji enemy mark.

That Expretion is epic, how much Will cost LEGENDARY stuff like characters or weapon Skins (To note that “Weapon skin packs” doesen’t have all Weapon Skins For some reason)

This Is not fornite, this Is not a free to play game.
The fact of Gamepass get an offer doesen’t mean anything Just because there are fans out there that get colector’s editions, physical editions ,últimate editions me included .

We alredy pay For a full game, this system has no reason to be.


The moment I realized that grinding out the ENTIRE tour (which is actually an aburd amount of stars if you do the math) doesn’t net you enough iron to buy a banner with your nations flag on it was the moment I thought to myself “Oh my god… is this worse than Gears 4’s monetization?”

I thought loot boxes were as bad as it could get… and for now, I still do think that… but oh… the a holes designing this system are testing my beliefs.


Tour duty was a great idea, playing to get stuff.
The problem? A loooooooooot of useless thrash like awfull Expretions, voice lines and ridiculus bloodmarks that i never gonna check in the middle of battle.

3 characters (Variants, not a character after all) and don’t know 6 Weapon Skins? Also not sure if those Skins Fit For a complete set or only one Weapon as they show.

And i Tought lot boxes were bad, and i Tought emblems were a complete waste of memory


Its cosmetics only. The only one they hurt by monetizing their game poorly is themselves.


What is it like 750 iron for completing the entire tour? Yeah that’s stupid. They will be dropping cool character skins soon I bet to to strong arm people into buying them. I understand trying to make some money but these prices are too much


Yes it does. Flags are 100 Iron.


no they’re 700 for me. that’s 7 bucks for a useless in game flag


If it’s a dumb thing you don’t care about and it’s overpriced… what exactly is the problem? Seems pretty easy to ignore, if it’s junk you don’t care about. I certainly don’t care about sprays or emotes.

The store is what they implemented instead of the loot boxes and season passes of the past. The price you paid for the game, is for the financial investment they already made in the game. The store is to justify ongoing “free” development of new stuff for the game, for years post-release.

This is the central concept of “games as a service” - on going post-release development, justified by selling smaller stuff piecemeal, and releasing the “big stuff” for free to keep people wanting to come back and play more, while also keeping the entire player base together.

If you don’t like this model that’s completely reasonable, but a) they didn’t hide that this was their plan for the game, and b) the whole “I paid full price for this game!” argument isn’t really a good one. Content expansions have been around for decades, that aren’t included in the base price. This is just a different business model around it.


Dont forget to mention how terrible their Tour of duty is … ridiculous daily challenges, star costs, grindy medals & …

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I know right, when will we have the time to look at blood marks on the ground. We will be bodied before we can say juvies!


they are 700 when I look at them. Are you thinking of the pride flags that are 100 scrap?

The Iron prices need to be better tuned based on categories (A unique model Skin should NEVER be the same price as a character specific emote) and either the prices turned down or a reliable way to earn Iron should be added

I’d love to see a gamer-wide boycott of micro-transactions. I wouldn’t mind them as much if they weren’t all largely crap and even worse, RNG. It’d be better off gambling your money properly haha.

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Yeah someone else brought this to my attention. Either I’m thinking of scrap, or my eyesight is finally gone, haha.

I agree with you, and also I’m pissed off with the game on PC that crashes and stutters. I finished the campaign on insane and I didn’t receive the achievements, also some collectibles I’ve picked up don’t show in the menu.
I can ignore that microtransactions ingame because I won’t buy them, but I can’t accept a defective product.

I was waiting to see what they come up with for loot boxes. something I never really heard about during the build up.

The moment i heard the characters are locked in horde, i wondered what kind of wall new characters will be behind.
That’s why i got game pass. Didn’t trust them enough to buy the ultimate edition.
That said campaign was amazing to play, server problems aside.

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Had this discussion also, It s absurd … almost re-upped and did n 't even earned metal enough for a flag … the can put all the ■■■■ they wanna sell in a place were daylight won t come

Funny how the only thing that actually works on the disaster of game is the store…hmm glad we see where their priorities are


Flags are 700 iron, not 100