Is this a frag glitch on foundation?


Seems to be an elevated angle.
The range is a bit iffy.

The frags are a joke, so inconsistent.

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Corrected your statement :smiley:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I just died laughing at that. At first I was thinking what did I say wrong This just made my day


Looks like you started to leave cover right before it went off. If your head cleared the cover, it should have killed you at that range.

Edit; I can see a frame where you started to turn the corner. Though your character was still visibly low, I think the game counts you as being out of protection at that point.

That said, nades in this game are often a major source of BS so I don’t blame you for questioning it.

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What about these???

1st clip you can see the grenade fall before the sandbag…2nd clip guy throws the grenade after hes dead :weary::weary::weary:


This week alone I’ve had downed enemies sponge grenades, grenades go back in my hand after throwing (lag spikes), grenades land 2 covers away and somehow kill me. There’s definitely issues with them and when you add lag like we’ve been seeing, it gets entirely stupid.

I’ve had lag spikes MOVE ME INTO grenades on multiple occasions. And it wasn’t my internet.

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Ive had that happen a lot as well, but these 2 clips I’ve been seeing more thats why I started recording

This reminds me that i have another ridiculous nade clip. I will have to post it after work today.

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Grenades have been inconsistent for a long time:



Look at this ridiculousness. :thinking:


100% my favorite clip in all of Gears 4.

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LMAO! Now that’s what I call gears 83 lmao…I wonder how many people will actually get that picture you added into that

Probably not many. The view counts on those videos are incredibly low. lol

I didn’t expect anyone to really sit through and watch them as they are just an assault on your senses.
It was the best way for me to keep my clips organized for future reference.