Is this a common thing that people do?

People ask to play horde frenzy with you, so you do… They leave mid game because it’s “boring”
Had a few people say this to me recently… Personally i think it’s extremely rude! :-1:t3:

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I too cannot sit through a single 30min PvE session because everything around me consistently bores me. 30mins is an average KOTH ranked match lol that person needs to grow up


Could be that they dont know what to do or its on a difficulty thats easy.

Hard to say as theres not much info regarding what went on during the match, if these people were on my friends list i wouldnt be wasting my time playing with them again.

Idk nothing really stood out as being boring to me

I’ve done that to my friends in ranked. Its hilarious and everyone laughs and has a good time.

People leave during Horde Frenzy?
Damn I got ADHD and I’m more captivated and pay attention to the game compared to them.

Its just as bad as playing normal horde and having someone leave after the first boss.

Only thing I can come to think of as being so boring someone might leave would be if someone on the team has a boring style of play - for example engineers building walls of sentrys.