Is this a campaign bug? Not sure

I was replaying campaign recently and I noticed something weird…

I planted two incendiary grenades on the ground.

When I held the tac-com button, the grenades were not highlighted ‘white’ in colour. Instead, they just blended with the rest of the background.

In versus, escape, and horde, if you plant a grenade it gets highlighted ‘white’ in colour if you view it in tac-com.

Has this feature only been exclusive to versus, escape and horde?

I am unsure if this is a campaign related bug.

I’m pretty sure grenade highlighting is a Horde/Versus/Escape specific feature.

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Also, enemies on campaign doesn’t plant grenades, so you don’t need to focus if that grenade will help or kill you

Yes correct, enemies on escape, versus and campaign do not plant grenades at all.