Is there something wrong with daily Horde?

20000 - 45% = 19100 ?

Nothing wrong. Look at the mutators…

I think the OP’s point here may be that the discount isn’t based off of the actual fortification price, but their original value before the power drain modifier.

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As far as I know nearly every buff/debuff that’s a % in this game is additive so fortifications are actually
(base price * [daily mutator - [engineer class discount + skill card discount]) = (base price * [1000% - 45%]) = (base price * 955%).

Working as intended from what I can see.


Is TC truly hate us!? :unamused:

That’s a good illustration. Thank you

Small typo there but yes, that’s exactly how it works.

1000% - 45% = 955% (or x9.55)

this is why I had to retake my math exams multiple times

The description of “Ultra power drain” is not accurate (classic TC). It says fortification build cost increased by 1000%, but it’s really increased by 900% for a total of 1000%. Not that it really makes a difference…


Everything TC does is based on simple addition and subtraction. Think simple interest, not compound interest.

Your bullet does 700 damage.

You max out a 50% damage boost perk and now the bullet does… 780 damage, lol… Why? The 50% only applies to the body damage of the original damage of the weapon, not the compound damage after taking all other boosts into consideration.

Lazy, simplistic… But consistent.

How is that lazy

Their math gives me cancer. It’s not even close to accurate, on anything, ever. Their English is almost as bad but not quite. Like “two or less” uhh try again, two or FEWER. You have less trash in the bin, but fewer cans in recycling. It’s like an ESL thing with these people, and that’s if the card even does what it says it does, which it usually doesn’t.

Reading anything is basically pointless. It’s not like 30% bleeding damage means if you do 100 damage, the bleed does 30. It’s like oh it keeps ticking for some amount of time for 30%, damage, maybe, but probably not. Probably it’s based on something literally completely unrelated like “well if you had hit a non-active body shot” - cool story bro but I didn’t. Damage should be very simple math. If my headshot is 5,000 damage and I have 50% from perks, it should be 7,500. How do you even finish grade school with this bad of math and English skills? I literally quit programming (C++) because there was too much math, so how can you manage to code but not figure out how to do practical math? Lol