Is there no stream today?

First time id be able to watch it and there isnt one or i cant find it

Im guessing because they all went to mexico for esports maybe??

Most likely. From memory I don’t think they ever did a stream on the weeks where there was an eSports event during the GOW4 era either.

No stream confirmed.

More like stream confirmed not taking place because the “team” heads over to Mexico for another dumb eSports event.

Like there isn’t more pressing matters at hand… do they seriously send everybody over there? The wording of the tweet is a bit vague around that.

Those who attend the events aren’t going to stop the game from progressing forward with fixes. This is no different than people complaining that a character designer is making skins and should instead be used for bug fixes.

Even though I conceded not knowing who goes to these events or not. Right. Try finding something else to pick on.

I’m not picking on you.

So what is this for then? I’m not one to complain skins are responsible for delaying bug fixing or other content creation because I know better.

And yes, as you might guess, I’m not exactly fond of Gears eSports, particularly if it takes priority over a dev stream which I’d find more relevant. I may have made the post when it was later at night and it may have been that I was a bit sleepy and grumpy after a tiresome day so I wasn’t really very happy to have seen this.

It probably really is more me having an issue with some eSports event I couldn’t care less about taking priority over the dev stream…

I was referencing you stating that there aren’t more pressing matters at hand. My comparison was that those leaving for the event aren’t the same people who fix the bugs. Nothing else. Sorry if you took that the wrong way.

I do agree eSports isn’t worth a damn though. It forces them to try and create a game that a small group or “pros” want which always goes against what the main community tends to want.

Hard to make out some things in written format. No big deal since it’s cleared up. Oh, and I actually said that there are more important things to do, not that there aren’t any. I wish we were actually at a point where there was not a myriad of issues or aspects within the game that needed fixing/improving though…

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