Is There "New Hope" For The Coalition Fixing/New Content For Gears 5?

Has Microsoft HQ and Splash Damage ruined what The Coalition wanted to do?
Destiny and Warframe pump out PUMP OUT content and updates.

Why is Gears 5 so dry in 2020?

Please Discuss?

Destiny pumps out content now

When it launched, the forums were full of complaints about lack of content. As far as I can see, The Coalition is following the industry standards.

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As far as content goes. Tc has stated that they are prioritizing their work. Once they make pvp efficient and fully functional. Then they will work on stuff like content, maps, legacy pve game modes and so on.

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I spoke with an xbox friend who has Destiny has a main game and said Destiny has so much content, there is more content than he can keep up with.

Is this not true?


Cliff B - Co maker of the franchise said Horde saved the Gears games. So why is PVE not had any updates or content for nearly a year?

I played both destiny games for 6 months when they launched.

The only reason I kept playing is because the moment-to moment gameplay was great. Bungie knows how to make FPS mechanics.

But the content was lacking and it soon became repetitive. My friends slowly stopped playing the games and so did I, because it was just too repetitive.

Months after I stopped playing, Bungie would add more content but by then I had moved on to other games.

For reference: Destiny 2 launched in 2017. It has been in development for a long time as a Service-based game. A lot of content has been added. But not in the first 6 months. The only notable things I remember is a 2nd “mini campaign”, a 2nd raid, and a “hard version” of the launch raid.

But you don’t have to believe me. Just google the history of these games and look for opinion pieces on lack of content at and following launch.

Here, I’ll get you started:


Leviathan raid was also poop.:grin:

I was hoping for an in depth discussion.

its probably so dry because they are trying to fix all the bugs and problems the game still has since release and so in result have no time for content

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Too many reasons and possibilities for the lack of news but yes your reason is probably one of them.

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