Is there less input lag/ faster response time with GORE OFF

Like the title says. Ive had it on and off but im not sure it really helps. Personally. I like gore on because of 2 reasons.

  1. I like the gore. Lol , especially headshots
  2. When its off. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like a kill so you have to turn around or studder step just to verify and that doesnt help when your going against multiple enemy’s at once.

But if there is even a slight increase of response time or slightly less input lag. I will keep gore off always.
Can anyone confirm this. Is there any proof or just word of mouth?

I thought the same thing, only reason I keep it on is for executions. With gore off all executions are the same, took me a while to figure out why my executions were the same for every weapon even after changing them. I think it’s less intensive on the hardware with it off though which should equal slightly better performance, but its gears who knows.

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After switching off gore I’ve sensed that it reduces PC FPS throttling, so that might deduce the faster response time…

Previous gears I typically had it off. Ran into of
issues with killing one person then engage a second; and chunks would absorb gnasher pellets. Or sometimes would lose refresh rate from the gib.

Haven’t had to turn it off in 5.

I prefer it. Pretty integral to the series IMO.