Is there going to be an update to the ranking system soon?

ive given gears 5 every chance to get better… idk why i keep getting matched wit bronze players every f****** match. im really close to ditching this game forever until gears 6. really really sad bc i love gears.

im a diamond 3 and ive played 5 games in a row with 100 ping and teammates each game that cant get over 10 elims in ranked koth


Wait for it…

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is one coming soon?

Yes, new rank system. Try the search function…

Never came to fruition . I was waiting for it also lol.

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Lol. Mabe it their day off.

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No, its never coming. If it were, we would have it by now. But at least we get cosmetics rolls eyes.

Rank is broken. 3 wins and i move backwards in rank 3 times. Complaining is futile. Getting angry over it is stupid. And playing for a rank in this current system is laughable. My advice to you OP is to just have fun and quit sweating it .

Bring back Guardian!

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Hey I think we played KOTH. I think i was both on and against you. You can imagine its not fun for lower ranks as well both parties get hurt, but i think lower ranks more.

I think the solution is to find a way to reward both in a co-op matched game. high ranks should not lose if low ranks hurt the win & low ranks should not be hurt cause they can not compete with high ranks K/D or elimanations.

at bronze i avg about 35 to 50 elimantions sometimes hitting the high 60/. i wwas telling the gropup that this weekend hit 90ish elimations. i still end up on the bottom and honly got less than 100 pts. I am coould at support and crasing the hill so the slayer can come in behind me and get the one shots.

but i get you!!! If i end up on your team i try harder to support.

This ranking system bites hard. The enemy team is favored by 10K points and I got an MVP yet I get 0 points. If I lose due to an AFK teammate or quitter on my team I lose 90+ points.