Is there going to be an op 6? or are we just moving on to a new gears game?

I haven’t seen any news about this anywhere?
Anybody know anything?

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Taking the piss I hope


With this company, we really can’t tell for sure, but so far we are getting an OP 6 on March 2nd


I don’t think there has been any announcements for a new game yet right?
Likely another OP


They’ve already said there will be Operation 6. Also it’s kinda soon for another Gears? The wait between 4 and 5 was basically 3 years. We are like one year and a half into Gears 5.


If you read the twig they stated that op6 is coming and they’ll have more details next week. It’ll most likely be the last op so when it ends they can take the final year to finish and polish Gears 6 for it’s release. This is just my speculation though they haven’t stated anything about Gears 6 but it makes the most sense timing wise.

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Gears 6 will most likely be late 2022 at the earliest.


I thought this was a joke at first…
Seems it is not.
It is far too soon for Gear 6 to be released, in all honesty i hope they have not even started on it yet. Be a good idea to fix what they can on Gears 5 before they start anything for Gears 6.
Lessons need to be learned. And, i do think The Coalition have only just started learning, like a ■■■■■■, it takes time for stuff to sink in.

So, Op 6 will be just another learning curve, another failure to learn from, and with any luck, by the time Op 10 has dropped, The Coalition would have learnt enough to create a masterpiece for whan Gears 6 drops. Well, i suppose normally this is how things work.
In theory, Gears 6 will be just like Halo 6, a drawing board cleaned and cleaned, until they got the best game ever created. Theoretically.


Hopefully lessons can be learned, all we can do is hope I guess lol. Just saying 4 improved tons over it’s time and we thought they’d take what they learned from improving 4 into the launch of 5, instead we got an awful launch that took an entire year to even start getting real improvements.

I love Gears and keep playing regardless, but just stating facts I don’t have a lot of faith in 6 not repeating 5 with a bad start and taking a year to get better, when a ton of people they had for launch hype is long gone already.

Would love to be proven wrong of course, we all would.


I know how you feel. I could not wait for Baird to drop in Gears 5, and when he did, i was disappointed with his Skill Cards, still am. Made even worse with the opening of the Fabricator.

Lets hope The Coalition do learn something. There is indeed hope for Gears, at the moment, it is The Coalition that is the disappointment.


no chance

as soon as Gears 5 launched work stared on the next game.

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They launched Gears 5 as a broken mess but improved it over the year. Unfortunately, while they solved many issues with PvE, they took the opposite approach and ruined PvP.

We can’t have both a great PvE and PvP apparently. It’s one or the other.


Agreed Gears 6 is a long way away. The game is not even announced yet and i dont think it will be for some time because i dont think TC want to repeat the same mistake that they made. Releasing a gears game in 3 years is too soon. Gears 4 and 5 is basically the same game at launch. They had the same maps, enemies in horde. Its repetitive in a lot of ways and who want to play a game like that. Outside of escape there is nothing new.

Are you nuts? If this is the last operation we better get everything we have been asking for, otherwise highly unlikely that they will simply move to Gears 6. Besides, if that was even close to being true, there would have def been an announcement for something that big especially this late lol. You are INSANE for even thinking that xD

You did read the part where I said this is just my speculation right? Granted I could for sure be absolutely bat ■■■■ crazy however it was 3 years from Gears 4 to Gears 5 by the time op6 is finished that will put the game at roughly the 2yr mark leaving 1yr for them to finish 6. If you think they are going to devote time making more ops up until the launch of Gears 6 then you might want to put yourself in the same category your trying to put me in. Perhaps instead of trying to ridicule me you might instead try to enlighten us with your holy wisdom on what their game plan might be. Until then I’ll keep an extra bunk in my looney bin for ya.

I really hope TC take this advise

I think that until 7 we will have insurance, but 8 may be the last

Butt hurt much? like taking stuff directly up the butt hole huh?

Ever heard of a joke or tease? But yes my young Jedi. I shall teach you in the ways of game development with my infinite knowledge.

Just to confirm, yes there is an OP6, as mentioned in TWIG on Monday, expect news on it next week!


Didn’t they just now get someone to fill Nodes position a month or two ago? If that’s the case then I’d think that Gears 6 would still be in very early development