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Is there going to be a beta for Gears 5?

(Infinite1172) #1

Havent heard any news since E3 '18 but I was wondering if anyone has heard any buzz about a beta for Gears 5?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

They haven’t told us. However, it was done with Gears 4 and if the rumors about new modes are true, I bet they’re going to want to test them in beta first.

(Stoic Slab) #3

Admittedly, I’m surprised this hasn’t been addressed yet. The Gears 3 & 4 betas were already announced and be a month or so away at this stage of development.

I’m now fairly certain that if there is one, it won’t be before E3. I’m also hoping that this means they’ve made some major changes to the formula.

(ll R E D l) #4

Im guessing Microsoft is holding back a lot ntil E3 this year since sony wont be there. Well definitely hear more about Gears 5 then


I have a feeling we will all be majorly disappointed…
Hey, I could be wrong

(Stoic Slab) #6

Yep, that’s what will likely happen. Don’t want to spoil anything before what appears to be Microsoft’s most important E3 yet.

And they’re gonna have to pull all of the stops considering that Crackdown 3 appears to be another critical dud, and all of those studio acquisitions aren’t likely to pay off for a few more years still. Unless they have some major surprises in store, Gears 5 is Microsoft’s only hope for 2019 and likely the Xbox One’s last hurrah.

(ll R E D l) #7

Im guessing well get some new preview for Gears 5 and a bunch of other Microsoft properties

(TheDeuterostome) #8

There will be a open beta around April or May. I have heard from someone who knows more than we do. We are just going to have to wait.


I hope these are some of the testing maps for it:

  • Reclaimed
  • Reclaimed Windflair
  • Harbor
  • Harbor Haze
  • Forge
  • Forge Blitz
  • Lift
  • Lift Apex
  • Impact
  • Impact Dark

(Potato Boy 025) #10

As much as I adore reclaimed, wouldn’t you like to see some new maps?


That’s called sarcasm

(Potato Boy 025) #12

I Guess I was too dense lol

(Slipping Flames) #13

Remember betas do at least two positive things. They help identify bugs in programming, and they build hype. There will most certainly be a beta for Gears 5, but like with anything else, TCs communication about it or anything else will remain subpar.

I do worry that the real reason behind no info about the beta is the game is having problems and no where near ready. Won’t change the release date most likely, but might be indicative of the game we are getting.


That no release date is ticking me off, :angry: I keep checking the store everyday to see if you can pre-order it yet. They could at least give us some new trailer to see from the game.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #15

They should have cancelled crackdown 3 in my opinion instead and continued the budget and production for scalebound…that game looked like it was gonna be lit till it was cancelled :pensive:…alas just seem like we’ll be waiting till e3 for the goodies at this point

(Slipping Flames) #16

The beta for Crackdown 3 was horrid. I may try the campaign some today. Wasted money on a game that wasn’t overly popular in the first place. Microsoft makes some weird decisions. Most games today are rushed or half complete when released. Far Cry New Dawn seems ok, but it’s just a reskin of Far Cry 5. Something has to give in game development that either makes it easier and quicker to develop games, or we learn to wait 5 years for a new game to be fully developed.


Video Game industry needs to be like git hub.

(Slipping Flames) #18

I’ll have to look that up. No idea what that is.


Software site. Microsoft bought it not too long ago. Wikipedia about GitHub

(Slipping Flames) #20

Well, whatever they decide to use, I hope it’s something that can more easily be debugged:).

Interesting though. Thanks for the heads up.