Is there anyway I can just see the classic Omen after I die?

Rather than other people’s custom Omens.


I don’t think so no. Would be a quality of life feature to filter that though

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yup I want this too. the ability to disable BloodSprays, Emote Wheel, and Terminator skins would be great

we’re forced to see bloodsprays because people paid money for them. I dislike the toilet humor this game has embraced.

I think you see the Classic Omen if the other player has their BloodSpray set to Default. Bots also will show you the Classic Omen


I could understand if it was after an execution or Longshot/Embar headshot. But to repeatedly see all of these crazy images and messages after someone got an average kill on me, is just annoying.

I agree, but please refrain from calling it the “Classic Omen”. What you refer to is the abomination that is the “Inverse Omen”.

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They’re talking about the actual skull, not the damage omen when you’re still alive.

you know what.

this was actually how it worked originally, it only showed after an execution (displayed on the ground)

It doesn’t matter, what I said still applies.

The death omen isn’t really inverted now is it?

Depends on ones perception.

For me it is, its inverted all over my screen.

Just another terrible decision by TC.