Is there any way to farm skill cards?

i like to play horde frenzy and change classes frequently. how would i get skill cards to max level quick? unless im missing something, i would have to play one xlass for a long time to max out some of the purple and gold cards. do i play escape, or a few rounds of horde and quit? what difficulty is best for skill cards?

I ran The Descent on Master. Doesn’t take too long because the hive isn’t too difficult and gives you resources as you go. You get 6 cards for about 6 or 7 minutes of work.

You can also run The Surge on Insane by taking off “More Scions” and “More lethal” then take the left path at the beginning and run past everything.



  1. The Surge on Insane difficulty(no “More Scions” and “More Lethal” modifiers). Take the left path.
  2. The Clock on Master difficulty. Enter the first saferoom.

Horde: Master-difficulty Horde Frenzy on Overload. You’d better team up with classes like Tactician, Veteran, Marksman and etc.


so can you solo these hives on higher difficulties or do you need teammates?

With teammates, you’ll have a higher chance of success.

This is probably the most balanced overall way of grinding cards. It’s quick - you get through it in about 4-5 minutes depending on loading time in the saferoom; it’s doable easily with all classes; it’s universally known by the majority of players so if you go as a team, even if you get downed or die, your team mates will probably make it through. The spawns are constant as well - The Surge is (I think) the only hive which has no variation in enemy spawns, so it’s always the same. Plus on Insane the odds of getting reasonable cards is okay. You’ll always get 4 cards.

In act 1 take the left path; and in act 2 there’s a bit more wriggle room, but the majority of people take the right path.

Just bear in mind that The Surge on any higher difficulty becomes MUCH harder to run through it because once you add on the extra enemy damage mutator; and/or the extra Scions, this hive becomes very hard - it’s probably the 2nd hardest in my opinion on Master difficulty). On Master, it’s not really something you can run. There is a way, but it relies on specific classes using specific cards, and you need to run it as a team (i.e.: the method relies on some level of communication), so not one for grinding.

Alternatively The Clock on Master is very doable with all classes, but takes a bit longer and the enemy spawns can vary - if you get the Rejects in both acts it’s very easy, but the Elite Drones spawn is a bit harder. However you get 5 cards in total and higher odds of getting epic and legendary cards (in theory, but RNG is RNG…)


I’m pretty sure this is right. Every other hive has atleast some form of enemy variation whether it be very minor or major differences.

Hi, I’m still farming cards, but I recommend you the following:

First, if you don’t want to wait for hosting a lobby join to a Surge run on Insane. Most of the hosts accept every class/every level, and they are focused on getting to the end, no matter what.

If there aren’t Surge lobbies, go for join Clock (master). Keep in mind that many Clock lobbies are only about getting CXP (most hosts don’t mention this on the name of the lobby). Some hosts expect Brawler on the team because it’s easier.

If there aren’t Surge/Clock lobbies, host Surge and start after 2 or 3 minutes if no one joins.

If no one is playing, host Clock and start alone.

What I do is looking for Clock, but there aren’t many lobbies like some months ago, and when there is one, 95% of the time is for CXP.

So I just host Clock alone. Some classes (and depending of the cards) can complete that hive alone, even with Swarm spawn. If your class/card level can’t complete Swarm spawn, just go to the lobby and start again until you get Reject/Juvie spawn.

Good luck with the players who just do a SR when they saw Reject/Juvie spawn and get obliterated after the safe room with Swarm spawn. It’s very annoying

Don’t forget, you can always use coins to upgrade cards as well.

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I was about to add that the tour of duty is very coin friendly. Once the cards are unlocked, doing objectives might be the quickest way for some card upgrades.

Here’s some real truth. You should really look at what cards you feel you “need” maxed.

Some skills aren’t very useful or only used in specific circumstances.


do you get coins after matches?

Only after completing tour objectives or medal objectives. Pretty easy to get a bunch every day though.

Technically you get stars for playing, so if you played long enough you’d accumulate coins and iron.

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Using coins for cards can get expensive. Prioritize the cards that you actually use. Don’t waste your coins upgrading green or blue cards.

I’d say not to bother with gold cards either. If you play master regularly you’ll get lots of these. Epic cards tend to take the longest to max out as there’s lots of them.


Master Clock is better than Insane Surge because when you’re trying to max out your cards, Legendary and Epics are the most expensive. That difficulty and hive lets you get as many Legendaries and Epics as possible, compared to Insane Surge which has lower chance. It’s the fastest way for all the classes apart from Jack.

For Jack, I’d go with Master Overload Frenzy but it’ll still take a long time. Alternatively, when there is Daily cards bonuses, then Jack is probably the best played to get as many Legendaries as possible because they are the most expensive to buy with coins.

Great advice on Escape. Overall, it’s more cards for less time, so it’s a good way to get cards relatively fast. That being said, it’s grindy. Frenzy is the next best way. Just never 1-50, bad use of time.

You should absolutely be spending money on greens and blues, that’s horrible advice I’m sorry. I have days into each class and most classes are maxed most cards except the greens - because I don’t use those ones. Unless you suck and play on beginner, you’ll almost never max green cards just from playing. You don’t get that many greens on inconceivable or Master. Literally my yellows maxed before the greens.

Buying purples is pretty necessary, I don’t think I almost ever maxed any purples without buying them. There’s plenty of money eventually and I just saved up and bought them one by one.

You forgot to write bad RNG.

If I took a screenshot for every Master Escape/Horde that I completed and the reward were only green cards… Or 3 green and 2 blue…

Also if OP played horde/escape learning what class does what and leveling up before joining/hosting master, he/she could have many green/blue cards

OP, how many Gears coins do you have? I have less than 100000 and I decided that when I got a class with every gold card at max level then I switch to the next class to grind. When I finish with every class getting gold cards I’ll have enough money to buy those awful purple cards. Or maybe when I just need only 1 class to grind I’ll just spend my money on those cards.

I played with a class until I got every card (without spending coins) and I waited for almost 2 weeks only for getting 10 purple cards for Mechanic.

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Just an addition to this:

If you’re playing with at least one strong Surge speed class (Brawler, Anchor, Nomad, Proctector, Gunner etc) and players, ideally a combination of both, pumping up The Surge to Inconceivable (enable more damage, not more Scions) is worth for it for the increase in card rarity. The increase in time taken for completion is minsicule. Unfortunately this does not increase the number of cards dropped.

i have 7k coins

I did the same. It’s better to get all Legendaries maxed on one class then move onto the next. Then in the end, I would work out how much all the Epic cards costed and if I had that much, I’d buy them all.

It costed roughly 100,000~ to buy all the remaining Epics I had, and some of Jack’s Legendaries.

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