Is there any plan to fix the matchmaking ping issue

I’m consistently put in games with people with 160 + pings while I have a single digit ping. Everytime I’m in game with these players its not enjoyable. It’s to the point where i know that if i wallbounce toward the enemy i know I’m going to die.

Is there a fix coming or is there simply not enough players playing the game?

This stuff makes me want to quit before the game even starts because i already know its not going to be an enjoyable experience.

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the players with high pings are probably being put in the best possible server for them. there isn’t much TC can do about this.


From what I hear but the X.

Supposedly 5 was made for the X & I believe it.

A lot of respectable people saying this & I take their word.

so xbox one is worse than a xbopx one X?

using xbox one x improves this?

This is the actual reason.

If TC were to implement a fix and pool players having a similar range of ping, then your matchmaking times would be too long (again, due to dying playerbase)

Can’t do anything sadly, just have to hope for the best

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Why would you release a game that wasn’t able to perform properly on the console?

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on any platform going from 60 fps to 120fps will give you more responsive input because it’s doubling the rate at which the game refreshes.

just like going from 30fps to 60fps has the same effect.

now, with that said there seems to be an actual delay on the Xbox One version of this game. why? who knows. maybe ask in the next dev stream.

if you look at 60Hz and compare PC vs XB1 you see the delay. if I was a console player I would be asking wtf is going on here.

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Doubt. I’ve tested it recently if faster matchmaking would affect my ping as it’s usual between 1-12 and once I switched to FM I ended up with an 80+ping and MY gnasher shots turning into ■■■■■■■■. Felt good not being on the recieved end for once but it’s not really a solution.

Too much lag comp on console specially the fat one… I can really feel the difference, when I play on pc everything is smoother and my shots are more constantly registered and at least I feel advantaged in a lot of situations! Also bullet magnetism seems to be more effective when I play with high ping 110+ on us servers than 20 ping on eu servers !