Is there any other way to get Esports Kait and Thrashball Sniper?

I’m praying to god there is man. Like i went on a family vacation to north carolina for a few days to visit family and I’m thinking they’d have wifi and it turns out they don’t BELIEVE in such things…they’re old fashioned.

So i tried to ask their neighbors and they looked at me like i spoke a different language. The stores around there didn’t share with customers even when i tried to bribe the clerk…i had data but AT&T is ■■■ i could be in the house and would barely get a bar…so I couldn’t connect and this site kept LOADING …i knew I’d miss the first stream but i wasn’t tripping cause i knew we’d leave the next day!

We got back home on july 14th but by that time the stream ENDED! I tried to contact The coalition and Gears on twitter but no response…and now I’m posting on here days later hoping the community could help a brotha out.
.I’m hoping there’s some way i could still get them…

Sorry but no there isnt

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I’m sorry mate but it was a one time offer. If TC awarded it it you it would upset a ton of other people who also weren’t there and have been denied. It would also upset people that went out of their way to get it.

I do feel your pain though.