Is there any of you that actually like gears 5?

I’d like to be more active in this community than iwas in gears 4 but a lot of you seem to hate the game…if you like the game I’d like to talk about the story as well as all aspects of the game.

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Gears 4 was good but lacked the maps.

Gears 5 is just too… casual.

Not very planted or solid.

But I like new customisations.


It was growing on me until the match results last night. Won’t touch it again until TC clarifies.


Match results In what regard ? Like you played rank and it just didn’t update with your progress?

I love it, escape is a great addition and I don’t hate the new horde


customisations? What customisations.


I want to like it but it’s just not there for me. They ruined Horde for me. Escape is just a boring game mode. MP is just blah. The campaign was good. In fact the whole first Act was better than the whole campaign for Gears 4 was. People complained to the heavens about the loot boxes and TC went from that to the Iron System which is horrible all because people cried about loot boxes yet they are crying about the iron now. Mixed with all the problems from Launch week, I can’t play it for long. I’ll playa game here and there for MP just to win a game on ranked once a week for that achievement.


Placement drop

Match details:
Solo queue
Unfavored to win
Won the match
No quitters

I lost nearly 10% rank.

Interesting thoughts personally ihavent been playing much of MP I started playing ranked koth but that’s counterintuitive atm because idont have a team so ihave bad placement. I’ve been mostly playing a lot of horde I remember how it was like infinite in older incarnations but I like that it’s a set number iknow what I’m getting into and the character specific abilities make everyone a valuable teammate so I’m not sure what people don’t like about the current horde. I also haven’t played a lot of escape yet but ithink it’s cool so far just need to explore it more. ALSO the story was amazing far better than 4 and I love that they developed and fleshed out the main protagonists, I actually cared about each of them this game…well JD still needs a little more but I’m sure he will get that in 6 without spoiling the story all in all I love the game and I’m not understanding all the hate and I’ve been playing since gears 1

With versus always being my preferred mode I’ve been ‘trying’ to make myself like it & tbh it is working (bad i know)… just have to approach it differently than you’ve had to in previous games.

I feel like I can see what TC have tried doing here, something that sits somewhere in the middle pleasing both new and old players… right now I do think things are leaning towards the newer player side of things but hopefully that will be fixed in time, with a lot of the game pass players that’re just testing the water dropping off.

At first I wanted to absolutely crucify TC but I think most of us in their situation would’ve tried something similiar, rehashing the same game again to please all of us older fans simply wasn’t going to cut it if you ask me.

Sorry yeah so in a nutshell, I actually like Gears 5


Meh, I’m 50/50 on it.

My biggest gripe would be that I haven’t received a single XP for close to two weeks now. So while everyone and their mothers are having fun at re-up 7 or some ■■■■, I’m stuck at re-up 1, LVL 29. And all the boosts, even the ones gifted for having “fixed” the issue is slowly being poured down the drain.

My biggest thumbs up for this game would be the elimination of the rng lootbox system from gears 4. I was getting tired of having to find goats to sacrifice to the rng gods everytime I opened a loot box just to get my one trillionth pine snub pistol.

Campaign is very cool, Escape is nice also.
I don’t play Horde.
PVP needs some teaks and different gameplay direction.

I’ve finished campaign yesterday, i probably won’t touch this game again until a new update is out.

I like Escape. There’s that at least. I like the Medals and TOD stuff even if the rewards are meh. It gives me something to play towards. The VS is ok, but just feels off for some reason. Horde is too restricting to enjoy as much as GOW 4. Campaign looks great, but too short and open world segments don’t add too much and feels like open space just to say they added something new. Hate filler content like Blood Sprays, Banners, and expressions. No Baird as a playable character which has been my favorite since GOW 1. Weapons fell OP. Hit boxes are way off. Flash Bangs last way too long and are so annoying. They should be a pick up grenade not a load out one, since people super spam it in KOTH right after they infinitely spawn. Can’t customize separate skins for COG and Locust team. Even with all the stuff I don’t like I’m still going to play it at least to finish my daily challenges for TOD.

Love the game! Escape is a great mode, I like the different characters and levelling them up in Escape and Horde. The Tour of Duty gives some fun progression too. Campaign is awesome so far.

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I love it. My son and I play it every day. We’re probably only about halfway through the story. We mostly play horde mode. And Mp/escape when we have a challenge for it.

I love it, finished the campaign before diving into horde, feels like ranking up is overall slower than 4 but having loads of fun with the game

I like the campaign, but horde, playlists, and multiplayer in general? not so much, im not liking this at all, find hard to be able to enjoy oneself with all the fun modes being ranked only, and constant flashbang spam. Escape is alright depending who you are paired with. I have the game pass i wanted to check if i should buy it or not, but looking at it for what it is , i guess not. With how it is right now i hardly have motivation to play besides trying to complete medals. To each their own.

It’s the next installment in the series so I’ll be playing this from now on. Does it have issues, yes.

F…ing hate it. Gone back to 4 and wow the movement is like 3 times quicker and the gnasher actually kills in one shot.

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I like the campaign but I loath the Horde changes (Horde’s my traditional goto Gears MP mode),the overly aggressive intrusive monetization model with needless fluff like blood sprays and banners as well as the barebones launch content and the bad drip feed live service model. People here on the forums repeating “there’s more coming” ad nauseaum doesn’t justify this few launch characters, characters being tied to classes in horde, little ammunition in horde, or trying to made horde a hero shooter. In versus I don’t like the flash bangs at all.