Is there any matchmaking in comp vs?

I’ve only been playing gears for about 2 months yet every match I load into I’m getting ■■■■ on by absolute demons wall bouncing everywhere with esports bloodsprays and barely getting a shot off.
It feels like matchmaking is just concerned with putting a match together not the quality or balance of a match. Kinda off-putting tbh.


@TC_Clown just beasting everyone eh?

He’s a pro gears esports player and I understand the frustrations!!


I don’t think the matchmaking system really takes anything into account, especially when I’m playing solo, I’m usually against a 3-4 player stack that I recognise as previous Masters Players and your teammates usually have had the game downloaded for about 10 minutes.


Spot on mate that’s exactly what it feels like, first I thought maybe I just suck at this game but the more I play comp the more I realise its matchmaking that sucks not me.
The few occasions I’ve had a fairly even match I’m mvp and carry the squad but then next match I’m made to look like I’ve never played a shooter before :rofl::rofl:
Soooo frustrating.
Need to find a squad in EU that puts the same kinda hours in daily so I can improve and go whoop these esports/King poop bloodspray mfs lmao

You shouldnt be in competitive. I mean this with no disrespect.

Comp is for seasoned players (players who’ve played for 2+ years or more). Play Quickplay.

What if he wants to complete that medal group eh? I didn’t play much PvP on 4 and the same on 5 either but I will sure as hell do what I can to get the medals/achievements and say “thank you very much” and be done with it till the next operation.

That has pretty much been my MO for the last 2 years and I am a Gears vet since Gears 1 btw but I intend to complete everything. I have been called a horrible player many a times by arrogant snobs who are much better than me in PvP and I will absolutely not take that lying down and give it back.

I am from India which is a low population region and I am forced to play PvP with 200 ping. Ask anyone from NA to do that and they will just walk away and tell you that you are bonkers.

No matter if a fresh player plays, there can be absolutely no disrespect shown despite PvP having a very steep learning curve.

I totally agree with the OP on getting matched with stacks solo queuing as I have experienced that myself in this op and I do what I can but its a lost cause till I can get a match and end up winning. It takes more time but its a matter of having that bit of perserverance.

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Lets stay on topic here. This isnt about achievements, he just wants to know why games are extremely sweaty rn in comp.

Thats dope youre a vet, but op has played for only 2months… idk what this has to do with this topic.

200 ping srry to hear that.

Even if there were ranks , i still wouldn’t recommend him in PVP Comp.

I always find it amusing that people say “no disrespect” if there was none you wouldn’t feel the need to say it.

Quick play is too easy and as clutch has so rightly pointed out I have medals to complete, oh yeah and arrogant wankers to body.

Posts like that just push me to go and sweat my nuts off and get better so thankyou :pray::+1::100:

In this community you have to say “No disrespectt” trust and believe.

New , or old it doesn’t matter. everyone takes it hard when its about there PVP performance. Like for example

I always find it amusing that people say “no disrespect” if there was none you wouldn’t feel the need to say it.

Youre 2 months in and dont know how to wallbounce, wall cancel, wrapshot, back a, hip fire, strafe, and going into comp is just a bad idea.

You do QP to practice all that, you dont just go in and play like you normally do. Thats why I suggested that.

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2 months isn’t going to cut it. If there were ranks he could play Bronze players and that would probably be fine. Without the rankings it’s going to be rough if he plays against anyone who’s competent. Not to mention that he’s going got be dead weight for his team. I played tons of quickplay and customs before playing much Ranked. And I still got destroyed. Back in Op3 or 4 I think, it took me a month to get out of Bronze.

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At this point in this games lifecycle, yes that is exactly what it is doing. The population for Gears 5 is very low. While there are a handful of newer players, like yourself, the vast majority of the remaining player population are people who have been playing the series for over 10 years now.

To be honest, I am actually blown away at how quickly this game can still find and create matches given how low the player count is. That said, there is an option you can toggle in your settings that allows you to choose you matchmaking preferences, you can choose between finding the quickest match or the most fair match (which obviously increases wait times).


Got my wallbounce technique locked still working on the others, my op was about matchmaking, I know your trying to help but qp is boring as crap as much as I don’t like the matchmaking in comp me winning every match is worse than losing every match tbh.

too many playlist in comp. matchmaking would be even faster if it was limited to TDM, EXECUTION, KOTH(Control) and Guardian.

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I didnt know that, thankyou, I don’t mind the extra wait time, Im disabled so will give my hands time to recover.

If I try lowest ping, I can leave Gears running for a year non stop before it finds me a match. People like me from Asia and those in Australia suffer the worst online experience with this game.

We have to deal with the worst ping (200+) and are expected to accomplish the same set of tour objectives or achievements or if we want to rank in the top 100/1000 whatever to earn certain skins.

With fastest matchmaking we are always put on an NA server so its always a lose lose situation.

Only when players in NA understand and experience what we have to go through all the time will they realize they have been sitting with a gold spoon stuck so far up their ■■■■, by the time they try to remove it, the game would be dead.


Is there any matchmaking? Yes, of course. Otherwise you wouldn’t find any games. Is there any SBMM? No.

This is like a tennis Grand Slam where you are a wild card or a very low ranked player and you are drawn against Djokovic, Nadal or Federer in the first round and the result is known before hand.


I love this analogy.

6-0, 6-0, 6-0. GG

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Only have comp vs medals to complete apart from hive master as well so the game is not giving me much choice but to play comp.

Also finding my ping goes from one extreme to the other I’m either on 5 or 100 lol

Difference being that even the loser who gets an absolute hiding still gets an applause from the crowd for trying even if it is downright embarassing for the loser inside and must be feeling the absolute worst.

Here you get treated with the worst garbage to add insult to injury which makes you not want to play the game anymore… that is the level of toxicity in gears

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Op feel free to add me. I am certainly not the best player, but I can play some custom games with you and try to help you develop your vs skills and we can run some ranked.