Is There Any Chance We Can Try Again With Road To Gears?

Posting here because I’m hoping to get an answer. I missed the Road to Gears event because I don’t recieve any kind if e-mail updates on the goings-ons of Gears (since I haven’t seen a place to hit that up and make it happen). Unfortunately because of this, I found out about the Road to Gears content waaaay too late, as in just last week.

My gripe is, I actually qualify for a few rewards, but just because I did not log into Gears 4, they were not awarded. I don’t think this is fair, but that’s besides the point.

My hope is that, is there any chance they may re-open the event time a second time, while the hype for Gears 5 is at an all-time high? I just don’t believe I’m the only one to miss out simply for not doing something minor like logging in.

Nope. You are out of luck.

This is why time sensitive events are bs, that feeling of regret that you can never ever obtain it, not through effort, time invested, or money, it will always be locked to you. Poor game design that everyone can never enjoy those skins and will forever be locked to those special few. Because of that I dropped out of being a completionist in video games. If I can’t put money to own it all what’s the point of investing any further? Also I tend to enjoy a game more by wearing the skin I like. I generally don’t care about rarity. It’s like in Destiny 2 where you see someone have some cool armor, you ask the other player how did you get it? Rather than the player being like, “hey let me help you unlock it”, the answer is, “oh I got it from participating from this event, you can never get it”, which doesn’t contribute to positive player behaviour.

The overall game design and player behaviour clashes. I felt that the game designers didn’t truly understand its audience. I understand walling skins behind large purchases like the Jack drone and hdd. What is piss poor is when they make it exclusive to gamestop. I cannot order the 5tb or the Jack drone as much as I wanted because I am Canadian, that’s really ■■■■■■.

People make poor marketing decisions all the time.
Some people should not have these jobs.

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