Is there any chance at all for the hammer of dawn returning before the final operation?

It just feels weird to not be able to use it outside of a very short campaign segment.

And while I know it’d be useless on some horde maps and basically not exist for escape…I feel like it should make a return. Even if no class is specced for it (though it’d be pretty cool if there was a class based on hammer of dawn…)

It used to be one of my favorite weapons for gears of war 2 horde on Day One map…it was even ok in gears of war 3, especially when combined with big explosions mutator.

It’s such an iconic weapon…surely devs could give it back to us, it’s already usable in campaign…would it take weeks of development time to shift it over to horde?

Would I like it? Yes, of course.

But is it likely at this stage in the game’s life? I highly doubt it.

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Imagine…how to use it in Overload / Abyss.

Some Maps don’t have that Open Area to use it.

However, I welcome to All of the Classic Weapons returned.

TC Said 2 OPs ago that they won’t add more weapons after the Scorcher. So the answer to your question is no.

They have said they won’t Work on Promos, but they do finally, Who Knows?

They said it was low priority back then. Huge difference.

They can change plan suddenly :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought it would come back when I see the Background of Op 7…

I would say no, they would have already put it in otherwise.

ah…i wasnt playing that far back…that sucks to hear :frowning:

They said no more new weapons, but if they do add it…it should be like the Boomshot and Dropshot and have like two uses before it’s empty.

If yes, it’s better for a New Class to own this unique Weapon, but it takes Too Much Work to do, so 99.9% will not exist.

They should rework JDs ult into the hammer of dawn.

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We should have “Commander” this new Class to suit Hammar of Dawn :smiley: