Is there a way to mod in/give yourself armor/gear pieces?

im trying to get one of every armor set in each rarity but the game kinda cuts you off of common gear extremely quickly and theres just to much rng revolving around if crates will be weapon mod crates or armor crates and its all just a real pain.

that being said, anyone know if its possible to screw with the game files to give yourself armor pieces?

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No idea, never played tactics. However…

TC managed this on a monthly basis with gears 5 though.

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I would not try it. File manipulation is considered a form of hacking and/or cheating, and could get you gamertag banned by TC or Microsoft.

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Not in Gears tactics. It’s completely offline. No punishments for modding.

Now to answer the post no you can’t give yourself stuff, but closest is you can edit what type of supply crates appear on missions.

Online/offline really doesn’t matter here. Modding a save file would fall under file/profile manipulation, and could… I said could result in punishments from TC and/or Microsoft if they were to find out.

Manipulations that result in unlocking achievements tend to result in punishments more frequently, as it is much easier to prove. Like when someone does something to unlock an unobtainable achievement, like say Sybarite from Judgment even though the events have not rotated in years.

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