Is there a way to have use random characters on multiplayer?

I was looking through all the multiplayer characters I have and wondered if there was a way to have a random character each time you play? I normally play social multiplayer and unless you change the character before you join a multiplayer game, there is no time to change it between matches. One other feature that would be nice is to be able to pick a character and all the weapons for that character and be able to save it as a character profile. So basically you would setup the character and all weapons, save it to a profile and easily go back to it. I don’t think that is possible right now, but anyone has any input, let me know. Thanks



I hope we can pick a skin and then apply it to all other weapons that you have it for.


I like the idea of expanded customization options. Skins are a big part of this game and all the money TC makes aside from the sale of the game itself is skin related.

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Good idea

I also like to see random weapon skin customization which changes every match too.

But also rather than save it as a character customization profile i would like to see customization to be done via web app too.

I’ve been asking for this since Gears 2/3

check box in the menus for randomized character and weapons skins.

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Yuk. Wouldn’t like this in case I played a Character I didn’t like. And there are plenty.

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I don’t see what harm it would do for access to the customisation without leaving the lobby but personally I wouldn’t use any random option, as @GrubKiller101 said, there is too many horrid characters.

What if it spawned me as Wrestler Oscar with a Pink bubbles Lancer? I’d have to leave and take the penalty.

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Lmfao, priorities n all that :slight_smile:

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LOL Don’t forget Purple Bubbles Gnasher.

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If they had this option, I’m sure they could have a checkbox for “don’t use this weapon or character” so it would not be one of your random characters/weapons.