Is there a reason why teammates can blow up each other's grenades?

Just had this happen to me in Ranked. The supposedly serious mode for serious players (lmao). This feature should’ve been changed years ago. It makes no sense except for people to intentionally sabotage their teammates. You can probably make the argument that a teammate can detonate your grenade remotely for strategic purposes, but if an enemy is close enough to be blown up by your grenade, it would blow up on it’s own. So that argument really doesn’t really make sense.

I’ve had maybe 2 kills with friendly grenades in my entire time of playing Gears 5. Going to be honest I don’t even think people should plant frags. It benefits the opposite team more than yourself lol…

Honestly, it’s difficult to even know where to plant frags these days. People will either see them, or get just close enough to detonate them, but won’t get hurt.

If only people would learn that planting them in the middle of a ring is madness!

I still think the fact you can see enemy planted frags in Tac-Com is the most embarrassing frag issue.


Nope, just nope.

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Fixed it for you.:+1:

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Haha I agree but I fixed it myself, never realised I misspelt frag and autocorrect put in ‘feat’ :sweat_smile:

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I thought u ment feat “feature” :rofl:

Tc have added many of these.

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I love and hate it because I usually see them but also know that’s half the reason my planted frags fail. I usually can catch someone slipping. I guess I’m just good at planting frags