Is there a place I can suggest features?

Is there somewhere to submit suggestions to devs? I have a couple simple but great ones
( they’re not big there more quality of life )

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Forums is probably the best place, as far as I know there is no dedicated place for general feedback.

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Look for a bin near you and that’s where they can go lol.

Seriously though just post them here because there is no harm in trying or sharing ideas.

Welcome to the forums by the way.


They don’t have an specific place because they don’t take feedback from the community

Twitter probably. I’m sure someone checks here as well, like @TC_Clown

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You can submit them to @TC_Clown


Support tickets can also be used to pass on feedback

Though I do think the forums are better personally.


Forum Posters : Just post your ideas here, It’s probably your best bet :smiley:
Also Forum Posters : This is a terrible idea and this is 15 reasons why


This was a terrible and a good post.

Nice job.

we dont talk about future content here