Is there a new Lizzie bug?

I had this happen like 2 or 3 times since they fixed the silverback crash. My Lizzie is only like 14. I run the mulcher and tri shot. When I fire the mulcher sometimes it doesn’t register. It’s like it’s firing but the game thinks I’m shooting blanks. I’m watching my target and the bullets are connecting but they are taking no dmg. There isn’t some obstacle blocking my shot. I have to let go of the trigger and fire it up again for the bullets to actually hurt something. It’s happened on a few occasions. Am I the only one or is this yet another bug introduced with a patch?

In all honestly, you seem surprised there is another issue after a patch to fix another issue players have been having.

No,you are not the only one,and no,it’s not something new.

There,you found the solution.

I’ve submitted a ticket and a forum post about this (that you posted in, EvilJoshy), but no word on if/when it’ll be fixed.

I had the same Problem, i guess you are using The Mulcher and the Trishot? I found a transitional Solution for it;

This issue seems to be triggered by using diffrent Silverback Weapons “to quickly” so always press the cooling Button before using the other Weapon.

That sucks, flipping them is a good way of maintaining fire while your weapon cools down…

But yeah, I sometimes get this thing where it feels like i’m not taking any health off of the boss, other times it works fine.

TC is ADDICTED to all these slowdowns and cooldowns and delays, I would not be surprised if this on purpose to “punish” us for shooting too much :wink: