Is there a new emblem in the Kantus Collective packs?

I bought a few packs, but no emblem. There’s no preview for these packs, so I can’t check that either. The emblem is the only part of the packs that doesn’t become craftable eventually, so that’s the only thing I ever try to collect. Is there a new one in this pack or not?

I spent 60k on it so far and no emblem. I think it’s safe to say no.

I bought 4 packs for 2,000 credits each and got 4 of the same emblem. I forgot what they were though and I scrapped them.

Yea. It’s the emblem from when armored kantus came out. He’s wondering if there’s one correlating to the Stalker variant, which i believe there isn’t.

Gotcha, then no I don’t think there is.

Armored and Savage Kantus emblems can be found on the packs, there isn’t a new emblem.