Is there a name for this shot? (versus)

the shot that kills gary

and can you pull this off anywhere besides 2v2 war machine?

also moist if u browse here I hope u don’t mind me using ur clip

Reaction shot, I think

It’s an inverse shot and it’s a really good one. In order to get a chunk you need to do it on those really thin covers, but you can do that shot on most of the covers in the game.

I was actually expecting this to be the shot I discovered a few days ago.


Yes, you pretty much do an Up A and pull your LT asap and aim your camera where you want to shoot (in this case, behind you). Obviously it takes practice to pull off consistently.

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This guy’s aim is pretty good.

Yea. Reaction shot over cover. This is why when this game had more players there was a big complaint about aim assist. Another way how TC killed the skill gap. Funny TC took out aim assist. Just To put it back in 3 days later. Just one of many reasons why nobody plays this game anymore . Horrible PVP lack of skill ranked gameplay.