Is there a n Xbox music app that works as background for Gears?

Hi all,

I’d like to be able to have background music through my headset while playing Gears, but so far the apps I’ve tried take over all sound, and I get no game sounds. Have tried Amazon music and Soundcloud so far.

Is it possible to have an app playing music without killing all other sound?

Great question. I don’t know of one. I have met a lot of people who play music while they Gears and none of them has used an Xbox app.

Put an earbud in one ear. Most headsets will fit over it.

Spotify is the best for background music it also uses a volume adjuster that lets you adjust music and game audio


Problem with Spotify is that the free version is completely garbage. The paid version is perfect, but yeah only if you’re willing to pay $5/month.

On the free version, you can’t even pick songs on mobile. You literally just have to listen to random music or randomly ordered music in a playlist. Also you have really annoying ads.

Cool, thanks for the replies. I’ll look to see if Spotify has a free trial for the paid service. Might be worth it to me. The earbud idea ain’t half bad either.