Is There a Diff Between Vold RAAM and RAAM!? Can’t tell any diff

I don’t see any diff between the 2.

Vold Raam shows more skin.

He loooks exactly like the theron elite minus the helmet

I heard somewhere that he’s meant to look like his design form the original.
Tbh I haven’t seen him yet though…

saw i video on youtube, they DO look different. a bit, but still.

the difference is about £8.50

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Basically a darker Theron guard outfit with RAAM’s head attached

Vold raam is a younger version of raam from the rise of raam comics. Its before E-day when they were fighting the lambent in the hollow. Raam was thrown into gears one very last min and so they didnt really give him a great design. Just a blacked out bigger Theron guard pretty much but when gears ultimate came out they gave him a distinct design with different armor and more battle torn with his messed up eye. They decided to keep the original raam skin as his younger self and renamed him vold raam.