Is there a Bunny Hunt this year?

Wondering if there is gonna be a bunny hunt this year?

Highly unlikely, TC killed off support last year.

Thank you.

Nah. They didn’t even do Jingle Juvies last yesterday so I wouldn’t expect anything from the miserable swines.

Chucking all the horde events into the pot was a silly mistake. They could have run a different one every few weeks with bonus XP on certain maps and kept the interest alive. Since they lobbed them all in, I’ve not played a single one. Where as it’s clear to see, no matter how poor the map is (district for example) if it’s featured with bonuses the people left play it.

District is only terrible in the arcade. It’s a perfectly good map outside of that, though it certainly does attract more awful randoms than usual, probably because they’re expecting an arcade setup(despite the very clear contrary indication I always make sure to put in my lobby title if I play said map).

RE Horde events, some of them shouldn’t be events like Horde Mania, imo 25 waves should just be a given thing to come with a Gears at this point. Preferably with at least a little bit of time to do things inbetween waves(15 seconds is enough). Don’t necessarily agree about keeping them out of private lobbies, some of them I wouldn’t play no matter what(like Predator Hunt, it’s just not very good, and the halloween horde playlist needs to allow players to turn off those stupid pumpkin heads).

This I agree with. I know we have Frenzy but one in-between wouldn’t go amiss.

This I don’t agree with though, it would defeat the point.

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