Is there a bug where you quit receiving xp for Horde classes

It seems like ive been on level 19 of initiator for a month or longer. And im only at 47,000 out of 100,000. I really havent paid attention to whether or not its moving upward or not. It just hit me this morning that the pie shape showing how much of level 19 ive completed seems to have stayed in the same spot relatively. I know the easiest thing to do is play a match and check it at the end. But im tied up today. Does it really take this long to gain 100,000 xp.?Obviously it depends on what im playing on, daily challenges etc etc…ill say this-I usually do about 10-15 waves on elite everyday for my dailies and stuff. And escape once in blue moon(ive been grinding koth lately). Thanks

No, but there is a bug making its way around players right now.

Have you check if other aspects of progression have stopped? XP, CXP, ally points, ally XP, skill cards, TOD medal progression, daily objectives, ribbons and completion of daily/weekly Horde and Escape challenges?

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